How to Plan For Employee Exit Management?

Some relationships are forever… And some are not!!!

Every organization wants a perfect team comprising of dedicated employees who contribute to organization’s growth. It is no hidden fact, that employee-employer relation is bound to break. But, in the majority of the cases – employee exit management is a difficult process.

An employee may be separating from an organization on his/her will or organization is terminating him/her – numerous processes make the exit painful in most of the cases.  In order to make the separation as smooth as possible, human intervention is mandatory – A systematic approach is irreplaceable.

An exit management system assists employees in smooth transition. From employee separation request to conducting meetings, notice period discussions, salary settlements, and retaining employees – it is an extension of organization’s Human Resource Management System.

In the absence of a proper exit management software, this process not only becomes tedious but also time-consuming. Each employee has a unique checklist. There can be numerous things to finish before an employee leaves.  Appropriate exit management software uncomplicates the process and makes it consistent throughout the organization.

Even if one minute task is ignored, it can cost an organization a huge loss. Following best practices during separation is mandatory.

Exit management software should consist of the following feature:

1)    Easy configuration of the exit process according to the organization’s policies and processes.

2)    Easy initiation of separation requests by employees based on the assigned authority.

3)    Effortless approval or rejection of resignations

4)    Automatic upload of exit interview questionnaire based on the department, role, and seniority.

5)    Conducting department specific checks

6)    Initiating online exit form filling and interviews

7)    Complete information capturing regarding leaving employee and analysis through the exit reports

8)    Easy access to the features throughout the organization.

Separations are inevitable. An employee may decide to leave on own or an organization may decide to terminate him or her, conditions under which one leaves are ought to be managed. An employee exit management software as an extension to human resource management software helps to understand overall employee lifecycle and indicates top reasons for separations.

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