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The Lock-down and Covid-19 crisis have declined the productivity and performance of companies. This issue is identified as a major concern among-st all the industries. Around 60% of the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) shared in a survey that this is the only period their companies faced such a fall in overall performance.

While organizations are grasping the new approaches for working, there are still numerous challenges they are confronting. Other than guaranteeing employee\’s wellbeing, for business leaders and HR managers it\’s also important to ensure employees’ productivity and measuring the performance.

There’s an identical difference between the before lockdown ‘Work from Home’ trend and the current remote working model which is now globally adopted and operated. Before, the trend was completely optional, now remote working has become a necessity. In such conditions, employees are scattered, and it becomes nearly impossible to measure the performance of team manually.

Organizations who have successfully converted this crisis into opportunity are using Cloud Based solutions to automate work processes. The most effective solution which has turned out to be the finest is Task Management solution. There are numerous benefits of implementing a cloud-based system specially task management tool. A few are mentioned below:

  1. Measuring Productivity and Performance in HRMS Software India:

    The ultimate objective of every organization is to reach desired ROI (Return on Investment). From purchasing office infrastructure to hiring employees…each step is an investment. Employees are the biggest assets of an organization and getting expected ROI out of each employee’s work is a strenuous task. Every decision making is based on the reports and updates of every project running in the company. In business, numbers matter. Measuring productivity and performance means keeping yourself updated with the right status of every ongoing activity. Whether good or bad, first step is to attain the right statistics.

  2. Task Management in HRMS Software:

    Cloud based task management tool is a perfect system for any organization. It will diagnose the exact pain area which is stopping you to achieve the desired revenue. A task management tool will record, update and generate automated reports based on all projects or even check lists.

  3. Performance Management in HRMS Software:

    Performance management helps in tracking productivity and performance. When an employee gets to know how is performing better than others, he feels motivated and team becomes more engaged. Improving levels of employee accountability is the key to maximize the productivity and performance of organization.

  4. Goal Setting in HRMS Software:

    Remember the story of ‘Mahabharata’ when Arjun had set his eyes on his goal? Goals are powerful, they push us to focus and achieve them till the time desired outcomes are not conquered. Profitability does not happen hypothetically; each employee of an organization needs to work for their individual goals associated with the organizational goals. If employee will grow company will get benefits and if company will grow employee will earn the benefits.

What should be organization’s role?

Everything starts with a mindset and organization is build up with people’s mindset. As an entrepreneur, you must keep your thoughts open, flexible and adaptable. The definition of success is subjective. Yet, when it comes to a company, everyone’s goal is the same. You must begin with building a team which will be your assets. You would not want to invest on resources who only waits for the salaries to get disbursed. In any case, on the other hand, when you build a productive team, you must accept the fact that productive people are efficient to finish their work in lesser number of hours.
Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind as mantra to deal with your team:

  • Keep flexible work hours.
  • Monitor through a cloud-based software/HRMS/task management tool.
  • Believe in process-oriented process rather than people oriented.
  • Generate automated reports.
  • Replace time-taking activities with smart work tools.
  • Implement attendance management system.

Gone are the days when only people who spend a greater number of hours were viewed as more dedicated employees.


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