Performance Management: A focused way to Leadership Development

It is basically a process of working together both managers and employees to plan, monitor and review the progress of performance. It helps not only to review the performance of an employee, it also measures the contribution towards the organization.

Performance Management is directly proportional to the performance of individuals in an organization. It is basically a process of measuring performance of an organization which can be accelerate by improving the performance of employees. In this process one can set the benchmarks and accordingly they can measure and able to create a proper communication in between management and individuals.

Leadership Development throughout Performance Evaluation-

Now a day’s one of the most important equipment in Performance Management is Leadership Development. To achieve a competitive advantage in the business most of the companies use it as an important tool. Upper level management is entertaining with various trainings and workshops to develop the leadership quality among individuals in an organization. According to the survey, 90% of top level organization merged leadership development with Performance Management.

Performance Appraisals, 360 degree feedback, competency mapping, Balance Score Card and personal plans provides required as well as necessary talent in an organization.

Beehive’s Approach towards managing Employee Performance:

  • Managing Competencies

Beehive provides competency based practices to gain more attention in the competitive Business Environment. It helps organization to reach achievable targets and it is completely an employee centric Performance Management System. It maintains a transparency in between managers and employees. Managers will get the freedom of review the performance of an employee and the way of performing by them.

  • Managing Performance

Performance management is the crucial part in HRMS for an organization. This is completely an automatic process which eliminates the traditional process of appraisals. It also vanish the problems of creating missing appraisals. With the help of this process no need of any traditional paper work. Moreover it is also not an electronic system to store data. It is a web based solution and data can be stored either in cloud or in enterprise. Beehive constantly monitors the performance of individuals to help and grow the organization.

  • Organization Goal

Identify the requirements in the performance, providing regular feedback and continuous assessment are the prime goals in Performance management. Our objective is to improve both employee as well as the organization by finding the above mentioned requirements.

  • Balance Score Card

Beehive believes in strategic planning and we are providing the organization to experience Balance Score card. It is a management system which is widely used in businesses and industries, government and non-profit organizations to align and manage their workforce. It improves internal and external communications to accomplish the company goals and their alignment to run better.

  • Multiple Degrees of PMS

These performance appraisals techniques provides the individual with an opportunity to know about themselves and how different peers thinks about them. It will increase the self-awareness as well as the productivity of an individual. We provides 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree feedback performance appraisals.

  • Endless Flexibility while managing PMS

Performance Management System is the most important to any organization to keep their employees happy and motivated. Otherwise the complete work process will become bored and quality of their work will decrease. They will get lazy, because nothing will motivate them to reach the heights in terms of performance.

Some of the best features of the performance management module includes:

  • Online storage system to manage all PMS activities
  • Availability in Multiple languages
  • Online form creation and filling
  • Personal and Selective review system
  • Auto generated notifications
  • Real-time tracker