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Why Choose Payroll Software

Beehive Software’s HRMS system features one of the most comprehensive and powerful Payroll Software anywhere.

There aren’t any employees who can say they weren’t satisfied with the level of control that the Payroll Software.

Beehive’s simple yet Powerful Payroll Software allows you to handle your resources with ease.


Run-time processing eliminated the repetitive processing time, which gives a faster payroll output and improve productivity


Rule based Payroll Software will automate entire payroll processing right from CTC creation, tax calculation till form 16 generation.


Statutory filling and tax filling is super easy, system will generate ready to upload statutory report files in required format.


Payroll is integrated with Leave, Attendance, reimbursement, loans & advances so no more repetitive processing.

When it comes to a business, it is very important that the right payroll software be done. If this doesn’t happen there could be very severe fallback from the employees. The Payroll Management Software of an HRMS is one of the most important in the system, because it helps to cut down the errors that occur during organization of employee salaries to zero. Unlike the older forms of Payroll Software that were manual, this module of an HRMS turns the accounting department of the company into a true blue powerhouse where the employee benefits, advances, loans and other factors are correctly put into the overall pay of the worker.

Key Features of Beehive HRMS

Attendance management

Document Management

Employee Self Service Management

Expense Management

HR & Payroll

Multi User login & Roll based access

Performance Management

Recruitment Management

Shift Management

Task Management

Time & Attendance Management

Travel Management

Employee Data Base

Pay Slip

Compatibility with Swap Card

Arrears Calculation

Data Security

Self Service Portal

Workflow Management

Project Planning

Compensation Management


MIS Reports

Analytical Reports


Events & Reminders

PF/ESIS Calculation

Salary Information & History

Back Office Assistance

Talent Management

Letter generation


Online resignation

Request hierarchy

Employee Lifecycle Management

Asset Management

Bonus, Loan & Advances Management

Email Integration

Exit Management & Seperation Management - Full And Final Settle ment

Help Desk

Mobile Support

Payroll Management

Project management

Reimbursement Management

Statutory Compliances

Taxation Management

Training Management

Workflow Administration

Mobile App

Leave Management

Formula Defined Salary Calculation

Multi Company

Salary Adjustment

Application Security

Compliance Management

360 Degree Feedback

Performance Appraisal

Workforce Management



Integration with Biometric

Excel Import

Appraisal Management

People Management

TDS Calculation

Offer management

Employee field customization

Geo tracking

Resource cost estimation

Expense Reporting

HR Drive

Payroll Software Deployment : Both

Payroll Software API : Yes

Payroll Software Mobile Support : Yes

Other Categories :Payroll Software , Any Industry Software

Languages support :English
Employee Self Service Payment : Monthly,Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual license)

Employee Self Service Customization : Yes

Employee Self Service Mobile App : Yes

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