Payroll Management – Why This Is The Right Time To Look For An Alternative

Payroll process in any company is no easy feat.  A mundane task has many layers of calculations attached to it. For some business owners, payroll duties can be a huge burden and stressful at times. A growing organization demands more and more attention to payroll duties.  With growing team, the number of variables in your payroll system increases, with a greater chance of miscalculations.

A Payroll Management System as defined by Entrepreneur Magazine is ‘The administration of the financial record of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions’.  An automated, functional, and flexible payroll management system makes the payroll process a lot easier. If you are the one responsible for your company’s payroll activities, or a small business owner, then this is the right time to look for an alternative.

Operational Cost

It is imperative to select right payroll management software which suits the company needs and size. This can be extremely beneficial for reducing the overall operational cost.  Evaluate the overall efforts involved in the payroll process and gauge if the new software will help you simplify the process? Your new Payroll Management System should be able to complete the process in merely few clicks. If your current system is complex, time-consuming, and resource-consuming then you need to look for an alternative solution. Reducing resource and time expenses for payroll process will save you and your business substantial amount of money.

Data Security

A payroll system contains one of the most sensitive information of the company- i.e. of the employees. Payroll management software should be able to add an extra layer of security with limited access. If your current system or software doesn’t help in securing employee information as required, then you need to start looking for an alternative.


There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution in payroll systems. Payroll processes are diverse and depend employees and law of the land. One solution cannot suit all. Your payroll management software has to be configured for your needs and accommodate your payroll schedules and reporting requirements. It should have the ability to expand over time and as the business grows and changes. If your current payroll system doesn’t have the ability to change and expand, you need to start looking for an alternative.

Easily Accessible

A good payroll management system is easily accessible for everyone. If your payroll management system doesn’t have ‘employee self-service’ then you need to look for an alternative.  This additional module gives your staff an instant access to the important documents like pay-slips, answers to the common queries hence, freeing up  your resources’ time.

The payroll process can be daunting for your team.  A right Payroll Management System can give you required flexibility and control over the entire process. Consider these above points when taking the crucial decision about your Payroll Management System. You can get in touch with a trusted vendor like Beehive Software at +91-22-6699 9525 or sales@