Payroll Compliance

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Human resource management systems (HRMS) is essential for every organisation in who is targeting to be process oriented and wants to efficiently manage their human resource, whilst reducing cost, errors and dependency and also hand in hand with the statutory compliances of the cotemporary times The central, state and the local laws all together compile to make a very complicated HR policy and it is very difficult to manually always be up to date with the changing compliances. No excuses are ever entertained for non-compliance, hence it is essential for every organisation to do everything it can to always comply with the standard HR laws.
Luckily for you, Beehive’s payroll compliance application helps you always proactively manage the payroll compliance, HR compliance and the benefits administration efficiently without dependency on others and with absolute accuracy.

  • Our solution can reduce your stress of keeping yourself up to date with the changing compliances by automatically updating itself with the changes in rules and regulations and by updating the user with the information for the laws that are directly going to affect their business. Our system generally updates itself automatically unless asked not to, it also triggers notifications to all the concerned stakeholders with regards to the changes in the regulations or compliance requirement changes. These alerts and notifications are also configurable as per your requirement.
  • Beehive can store more data than you can in your filling cabinets and that to in a more organised format. All of the data accumulated by it are organised and saved in a systematic format for easy retrieval for the fixed duration. An employee’s data can be retrieved from the system long after the employee has already left the organisation. All the forms and documents that are stored into the system are arranged in a very systematic way. Beehive is known for the reducing the paperwork in organisations, for organised storage of all the data with highest level of security and efficient retrieval.
  • Beehive’s time and attendance application is integrated with payroll helping track the clock-in and out with overtime details, hours worked, break periods, benefit eligibility and other compliance-related matters without having to manually re-enter all of the data, in turn avoiding any kinds of manual errors. Our system also triggers alerts and notifications when the employee has surpassed his overtime working hours beyond compliance, or has not taken a break as per the standard compliance of the state.

Beehive’s payroll compliance application helps all of your other systems to be kept in check with regular checks and balances done inside the system. Instead of just sharing the compliance information. Our system updates itself making sure that all of the compliances are abided by. Errors can be avoided by using our system to process employee forms, hours worked, benefits, off-boarding processes, and many other matters rather than manually. Using our system highly reduces your chance of making errors that result in non-compliance. Our system also provides configurations that shall notify the end user if there is a possible chance for discrepancies, which can further reduce the likelihood of errors.