Partnership program

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In order to dominate a particular market we understand what role partnership plays. Partnership can help an organization win new business with ease and deepen the relationship with existing customers. Becoming part of our channel partner program helps you become a part of our mission of transforming the HR into a unified digital platform, taking a step towards becoming the best in the market. This will help various organizations automate their manual processes and make their processes and operations effortlessly seamless.

Our channel partner programs, can help you develop and grow an HRMS community that assists organizations smoothen workflows and enhance efficiencies. Your contribution in adding your experience and expertise with our unmatchable product can help expand the market opportunities and this addition shall benefits the various organizations multifold.

We aim at providing most organizations with the best fit solution, in order to succeeding in doing the same we have taken a step towards gathering all the assistance available. Our partnership programs range from client acquisition, implementation to complete deployment of our services under one head. We are well aware of the benefits of leveraging in strong-partner driven programs, this will not just help us tap the global market but also help our product benefits be accessed by small medium and large enterprises alike.

We make sure that our partners are provided with all the information and training required by them, we also have provided them with access to tap data from us at any time, from any location in order to touch point all the inaccessible markets by our team. Since the foundation of Beehive, we have built a global network of partners and there have been constant addition to our family, expanding our brand presence throughout the globe. Our partners have been trained right from marketing our solution, to getting leads, business development, and implementation allowing them the scope of working on their respective competencies whilst offering a comprehensive solution for the client.

We offers a robust set of resources, training, and tools, enabling to develop expertise around HR functions, product areas, and industries. We welcome companies, enterprises and individuals who can help us take our HR technology solutions to a larger audience. You can engage with Beehive experts and learn to build a thriving business on the Customer Success Platform. Earn generous rewards for referring Beehive to your customers and colleagues.

New revenue opportunities await your organization, Beehive views our customers’ success as the driving purpose and sees our Partners playing an integral role in our road to success. Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities.

  • Referral fees
  • Upsell/ cross-sell to your existing customers and maintain existing customer relationships
  • Short sales cycle on in-demand product
  • Customizable marketing resources
  • Pre-sales, post-sales, billing and customer
  • All round the clock Support
  • Collaborative planning and execution.
  • Renewal commissions for qualified partners
  • No financial investment or program fees
  • Be part of the global cloud apps phenomena

Beehive’s Channel Partner Program boosts your organizational growth whilst satisfying your customer needs, by using our comprehensive solution. 

Our Clients

NIPPON Express
NRB Bearings
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NSB Group
Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd.
Compuage Infocom Ltd,