3 Top Practices to Optimize HR resources and the benefits

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While optimizing every area in a business is essential, the efficient management of resources is also a major factor towards success of an organization. Adequate management of human resources play a very important role in a company’s work culture.

What is workforce optimization?

As per the experts, workforce optimization is a management practice and strategic imperative that focuses on improving the efficiency, productivity, and performance of a company’s employees. The overall goal is subsequently improving organizational success.

Why optimizing the workforce is really important and how does it affect a business?

A business runs by set of humans called employees. They get remuneration for their hard work and services. Their end goal of working is the salary which they get and they generally have their own goals. Very few employees in a company has their goals associated with the organization who are the key accelerators. As an organization, adopting initiatives which motivates your employees to work harder to achieve their own set of goals affects company’s growth in a way.

Benefits of Optimization
  • Improved employee performance and productivity
  • More cost-effective operations
  • Better customer service and customer retention
  • Higher ROI
  • Enhanced HR management

How to Optimize HR Resources and create a winning team?

  1. Introduction of automation: When thinking about optimizing the HR (Human Resources), technology must not be skipped. First, try to discover the gaps; is everyone working efficiently, is anyone overloaded, who is irregular, who is working remotely, what is the productivity level. If you are able to answer your own questions on finger tips then you just need quick expert supervision. But, if you are not, then there’s a need to implement cloud-based HR management system which will automate your entire HR function without leaving any loophole.
    Online HR software is a cloud-based technology which works for you anytime, from anywhere and from any device, you and your employees just need login credential and business updates can be viewed from mobile application in seconds. The desired business outcomes can be achieved faster after implementing right HR software and employee productivity gets a hike.

    Let’s have a look at a few benefits of cloud-based HR software in India:
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Better data security
    • Centralized data location
    • Transparent business communications
    • Cloud-based task management
    • Mobile application
    • Remote working tools
    • Leave and Application tracking
    • Performance Management System
    • Systematic Employee MIS
  1. Conduct Employee Survey regularly: What many organizations miss while optimizing the resources is knowing what they want. A small survey to be conducted on regular basis will surely help in understanding the point of view of the most important asset of any organization. If you don’t already have systems in place, many online programs allow you to create surveys that can be sent in bulk. You may start with obvious questions first:
    • Are you happy at work/workplace? Do you like your job? –
    • Do you understand the company career ladder and promotions?
    • What would you rate your work-life balance?
    • Are you comfortable in the office environment?
    • Are you able to work efficiently, additional noises being important factor?
    • Are you satisfied with your current salary?
    • Are you satisfied with your efforts?
    • Do you see yourself in the future of the company?
    • What three changes you would make if you were the CEO of the company?
    • Do you ever want to start your own business venture?
    • Do you see yourself with the company in next 2 years?
    • Have you received any reward/appreciation in the past 6 months?
  2. Consider flexible working culture: The time has changed and organizations are now flexible when it comes to remote working. If you also discover that office environment is the culprit of poor productivity, there are plenty of other ways remote working being most famous. This way you will save infrastructure cost and time invested in micro management.
    Employers find that some employees are more productive when they are allowed to work from home, at least part of the time. A study conducted by Best Buy concerning their flexible work program saw a 35% increase in productivity. Depending on the role, flex-work programs increase productivity for employees by reducing environmental stress, allowing for better concentration, and eliminating impromptu meetings. (as per source)



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