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Online Payroll

Payroll is one of the most important functions for any organization. Many complex jobs are to be carried for payroll processing like updating leave details, submissions of timesheets, salary deductions, CTC details etc. Payroll procedure is associated with statutory compliances like ESI, Bonus, TDS for employees under tax slab, PF, PT etc. Previously, these terms where calculated manually which includes lots of paperwork. It took lot of time and hard work for the respective departments but with the ease of automation such difficulties are reduced. Manual calculations were even subjected to probable errors which is not the case with automatic computation.

After shifting to Excel spreadsheets, there was somewhat improvement in the system, but difficulties were not eradicated completely. Employee grievances were present over the deductions in wages due to lack of transparency. Even using spreadsheets, some hassles were faced in computing statutory compliances for every employee of an organization. After this, companies realized the necessity for shifting to online payroll system. It eradicated all the complex issues completely. Calculations became easy and accurate with online computation. It increases the efficiency and productivity of the employees as well. Employees of HR and payroll department, who wasted their time in long calculations before, can now utilize their time in development of the organization.

Online payroll is software application that delivers all the payroll activities and reports. It offers ease to perform payroll actions anytime and anywhere as per the convenience. Calculation of statutory compliances becomes simpler with cloud-based online payroll system. Organizations of different sectors like real estate, manufacturing units, banking and finance are using this online payroll software for accurate results and reduced work pressure.
What Beehive provides you?
  • Beehive offers end to end payroll process which is fully integrated with other related functions as well. This eradicates the manual payroll inputs and also gives significant accuracy of output.
  • Beehive’s software helps in handling complex calculations and is defined specially for salary group, income slab or department.
  • Employees can access E-Payslips with different options like ESS, at mailbox as well as mobile app etc.
  • Taxes can be calculated easily using this tool which completely eliminates manual reconciliation. Even, employees can submit the actual investment declaration based on the joining date and investment verification practice.
  • Beehive has formats ready for JV input and can be modified as per the requirement. Ultimately, you can get all the useful features using Beehive’s software.