Need an eye in the sky for your field staff?

In field-based business, any manager who is assigned to handle on-field team knows very well about the innumerable excuses and untruthfulness of some executives who create many stories regularly. So, it becomes difficult to track their workflow on daily basis. In fact, at some point, it becomes unfeasible to keep an eye on them individually. So, the software helps to keep an eye on them through the device and sets you free from an irritating job of getting updates on phone or messages. Managers find it very tedious and time-consuming for taking regular updates on phone calls from employees.


Beehive helps organizations use GPS based field staff tracking solution to keep an eye on the movement of their employees.

Once employees are tracked, they become careful with respect to their work which ultimately increases productivity.

This even changes their attitude towards their work as well as increases their inputs. Even, it becomes easy for assigning new tasks to them on the basis of their live location.

Employees are easily assigned tasks using this tool directly on their devices.

This increases coordination with the team of managers and saves time in coordinating on phone calls as well. This is the reason why an eye in the sky can relieve the work of management to a greater level.

With real-time location tracking, it becomes easy to assign tasks based on the location where the employee is present and it improves work efficiency as it minimizes the travel time of the employee.

If employees face any hindrances in work, they can easily report with the help of this software. This reduces the probability of misunderstanding and miscommunication with the team.

A constant eye on the team movement helps managers to analyze the performance of employees on daily basis.

Managers can even guide them on a real-time basis which ensures room for improvement in them and eliminates the mistakes they make while doing tasks.

As they are monitored, team members can’t skip their tasks and shall make sure to finish it in time.

The most important part is to make sure that your employees are not grieved with the tracking system and they feel free to work with this tool and can freely complete their tasks with your coordination.

Organizations need to make them aware of how this feature is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.