Mobile First

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Majority of the successful organizations have a tool in place to assist them in managing their HR related activities. With the revolution in technology, organizations have also taken the support of technology to act as a push in their advancement. The human resource management solution aids the HR activities of the organization and also helps in increasing transparency of their operations and processes. Mobile accessibility has further transformed the scope in HR, by letting people access all of the data and activities related to the HR with utmost agility. Beehive’s HRMS is the next gen solution providing access to all the information and tasks assigned, to employees and managers. All of this data shall be accessible at their fingertips. Our solution helps in eliminating stereotypical bureaucracy and provide equal power in the hands of the employer and employee.

Beehive’s mobile application is meant to manage smart workforce. Our application provides quick and easy access to all of the key business data and tools on your employees’ devices in a user friendly, intuitive and accessible format. This helps provide the employees an engaging experience even if they are not in the office premise. With our application your staff will have the tools they need to perform a wide range of HR activities in real time – including candidate interviews, leave requests, attendance marking, reimbursement status, claiming invoices and more – all on a mobile device.

All of our applications and offerings are seamlessly integrated with the mobile application. From hiring, managing, retaining, improving employee engagement and separation all can be smoothly carried on with the mobile application. Once the workflow and the organizational structure is updated in the system, the same format shall be followed in the mobile application with regular notifications being triggered to all of the concerned stakeholders.

Apart from this Beehive mobile application also provides the provision to short list candidates, timesheet management, and single view tab of the team for the supervisors, expense and claim management facilities, workforce management, travel requests and reimbursement whilst maintaining utmost confidentiality, security and compliance measures.

Accessibility is the best feature of any mobile application. The application is equally useful at any level of the hierarchy, it has been designed keeping in mind all the aspects the HRD deals with. The seniors can track and keep a check on their subordinates and the subordinates can access all of the data related to themselves and also access all the reviews and feedback provided by the seniors’ real-time basis enhancing transparency in the organization

Our mobile application provides facilities like geo-tagging, geo tracking and geo fencing helping you enhance the accuracy of your attendance data. Reduce time theft and error in the attendance and improvise the payroll calculations as the data is directly fetched from the attendance systems.

Employees can apply for leaves, regularizations, grievances through their mobile applications and the supervisors can access the approval and rejection options on their mobile phones as well.

Our application is the frontrunner amongst the mobility applications. Providing ease and convenience our application helps you conduct most of your HR activities through the mobile application. It is available both on android and iOS.