Manpower planning

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Beehive’s talent acquisition application assists an organisation categorise & recognize the right pool of talent offering impetus to the development and growth, irrespective if they are looking to hire in bulk, lower salary scale or higher, salaried or contract basis. The most frequently dealt with challenge is the screening of multiple resumes and the details of every interview of numerous candidates to be maintained in an orderly manner in the database for deciding the best suited employee and also to maintain the data for future reference. All of these functions become highly cumbersome when conducted manually, Automating your systems is a mandatory requirement in firms today who have a vision to grow.
Beehive’s efficient Talent acquisition applications allows you to define the entire recruitment process with absolute configurability as per your company policies. Most companies follow activities like pre-screens, candidate review, interview, interview assessments, pre offer checklists, offers, validation of all the documents, etc. You can add or reduce more activities depending on your organisational policy or the requirement.

Manpower Planning is also known as Human resource planning which involves with assigning the work to the concerned people. It basically involves hiring the talent required as per the needs of the job, at the time when required, the right number of employees required and also making sure that the employee is working towards his goals which should be aligned with the goals of the organisation.
Human resource planning is the association of your workforces to your whole organisational plan to make sure that your workforce is managed in such a way that will not just improve the processes presently but also meet the needs of the future. Beehive HRMS helps manpower management in multiple ways, our functionality of maintaining all data of an employee at a single source point helps employers have a quick analysis of who are the employees worth retaining and replacing. Another functionality that assists data analysis via reports, help get a clear understanding of what skills are missing in the organisation and such missing skill is required to be hired, also these functionalities will increase efficiency amongst your company processes

Data used for analytics

Our application helps you in automating the predictive analytics aspect of your workforce with the reports being generated and run automatically from the systems end rather than reports with only irrelevant numbers. This helps save time, money and human efforts and also ensures that the method we use is correct and that the organisation is abiding by compliances.

Gap identification

Under Beehive’s organisation structure application the hierarchy to be followed has been already entered, in case of a vacancy the competencies and skills required to fill in that vacancy is also tagged along with the position, the HRD identifies skills of the junior and can track how will the employee grow in the organisations planning also can be done before hand with the assistance of automation. We are helping you move your dependency on the HR for every single piece of data and instead the required information is always ready to be put to use by the concerned person.

Beehive’s manpower planning application helps identify skill requirement in the departments but also takes care of acquiring, training, managing, retaining employees in the organisation. In simpler words, manpower planning involves identifying the skills of an employee and putting it to best use, in such a way that both benefit out of it.