7 Tips to Manage your employee remotely with Employee Management Software

Imagine your employees knocking your cabin door to allow them to Work from Home due to some Personal issues and you sit there figuring out how to manage it for Employee Efficiency. The days of worries have gone and Beehive Employee Management Software solutions now have come up with Simple steps to increase employee work efficiency even if they are working from home in this Lockdown situation due to COVID-19. Below are steps to manage your employees with Employee Management Software

  • Approving Work from Home for Employees :

    Most CEO and Company owner’s are worried about whether their employees working from home are productive or not. In this serious time of COVID-19 Pandemic, it\’s very important to track down employees working from home and Beehive HRMS software allows you to manage employee management remotely through mobile devices.
  • Initiating with Trial Period for Employees with Employee Management software :

    Starting to understand the issues faced by employees while working from home is a vital part as you also need to track the data of how much they are efficiently working. Beehive HRMS Software allows you to track the data given to employees as a trial period and also to manage and monitor the same to increase employee efficiency.
  • Balancing the flexibility and Structure of Time :

    Decide together on how many days an employee can work from home but still require a minimum number of days in the office.Establish a maximum number of days out of the office that you can apply to everyone in order to be fair and consistent. Once decided, let the employee be flexible, without exceeding the maximum number of days out of the office. If some weeks she wants to work remotely more than others that’s up to her.
  • Trusting Employees and Avoiding Micro Management:

    Here comes a major and vital step where you need to monitor productivity of employees and also need to trust the process as due to this COVID-19 Pandemic companies have also started Timesheet Management to acquire more knowledge about how employees are efficiently working during Office hours.
  • Setting-up Clear Expectations:

    If you are working, then you can expect your employees to be working too, wherever they are. If you’re giving someone the freedom to work independently from home, then it’s not unreasonable to agree together that whenever you need to speak to her she’s available for you. During work hours, you should be able to call, chat, text or email her when something needs to be discussed and she should be available and ready, wherever she is or whatever she’s doing. Again – within reason.
  • Investment in Technology – Handling Employees Remotely

    Being unable to communicate face-to-face is no longer a deal-breaker. With the influx of video conferencing software, real-time collaboration tools like Google Docs, and sophisticated management software, today’s remote workers can feel like they’re truly part of the in-house team. But in order to make this work, you need the right tech tools for remote employees.Technology is the whole reason why so many companies can let their employees work away from the office. Your remote employee must have access to the following:

  1. A smartphone and portable work device, like a tablet or laptop
  2. Remote access to your network
  3. Collaboration and communication tools
  4. CRM, project management and file-sharing tools
  5. Your remote employee must have access to tech support because if you’re like me, your technology fails on you frequently. But when it’s working, your company’s technology will contribute as much to the worker’s productivity as the worker. They must be given the right tools to do the job effectively.

7 Tips to management employee remotely with Employee Management Software

  • Important Warning : Every employees productivity matters working remotely

    Companies have adopted that fact of employees working from home is important during this COVID-19 pandemic to run firms efficiently. Thus it is also very much important to track down every employee productivity during work from home period and with Beehive HRMS Solution you can monitor productivity of every employee working from home.

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