What Makes Payroll Management a Robust Payroll Engine?

Payroll Management is considered as one of the most time-consuming and grueling processes. Managing payrolls are tough involving taking care of numerous small details. From validating the data to executing it timely and accurately, do you find it too challenging and complex?

Sure, it can be intimating for some.  From administrative overwhelm to incompatible software issues: A Payroll Management System can surely give you nightmares; Especially when not designed for your requirements.

Every business is unique, And so are their needs. A generic Payroll Management System may or may not suit your business. But, a tailor-made system would certainly suit your specific business needs.

Beehive Software is a market leader in Human Resources Software Solutions. With the motto to help companies focus on their most important asset- People; Beehive Software makes solutions that are custom built for them.

Bringing together multiple streams of inputs and adhering to local statutory requirements, Beehive Payroll System is a robust and easy – to- implement a solution. With dedicated account manager, seamless scaling up, and high-end data security, we strive to streamline your HR Processes.

Simplified Processes:

We develop an easy to use, scalable, and fully functional payroll management system which can handle all the aspects of your payroll needs.


Beehive Payroll System can be easily integrated with your current Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Leave, Attendance and Overtime, Travel and Expenses, and Loans and Advances modules. This makes sure that there is no repetitive data.

Simplify Compliance Processes

Beehive Software takes into account all the taxation rules of the country where the system has to be implemented to make sure easy payroll processing. Salary calculations are carried in accordance with the government laws.

Salary Structure

Beehive payroll system is smart to identify and support multiple salary structures as per the different grades. This provides flexibility to the Payroll Team to modify the salary amounts for employees in the same grade.

Global Payroll

We can also customize the system to support various salary processing rules for the Global Employees.

Analysis, Reports, and Dashboards

Beehive Payroll Management System generates numerous reports such as variation, bank report, pay-slips, deductions, payouts, accruals etc. It also lets you customize your own reports and access multiple reports. Customized dashboards make it easy for Payroll team to evaluate the employee performances.

Beehive Payroll System is easy to implement and uncomplicates your payroll related process. For more information drop a mail at sales@ or call us at +91-22-66999525.