Attendance and Location Tracking

Capture the attendance of employees
from any location, any time


Features Included

Attendance Tracking

Employees can mark their attendance using Beehive’s smart mobile app from anywhere and the attendance will get processed automatically with their preset geolocation address. Location tagging functionality will capture their live location (Accurate to approximately 100 meters ) HR / Managers can see the tagged location and generate the report on the same.

Geo Fencing Attendance

Companies restrict specific / group of employees to mark and punch the attendance to specifically defined areas and based upon the defined areas/location employees will be able to mark their attendance. The system won’t allow employees if they are not marking the attendance from other than defined areas/locations.

Multi Location Tracking

This feature is specifically built for the field employees ( Customer support engineer/field sales team/company representative) where the employees are visiting many locations during their workday. To accurately capture the multiple locations and clients they have visited Beehive HCM app has a feature that will enable them to check in and check out from multiple locations( tag their customer visits to location) and maintain the data of their visits to customers.

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