Location Tracking System in HRMS Software

Location Tracking System

Location Tracking System

Location tracking is also commonly known as personnel management and employee tracking. It is a process where you maintain the records of the number of hours that your employees have worked as well as information related to the office location of said employees. This helps you monitor how productive your employees have been. This way, you can keep track of their performance as well. This comes in handy when you are monitoring the field staff in your organization. It also helps your managers plan meetings and schedules following the data that they have in this regard. Managers also naturally know the time when employees are supposed to be at the office and other work areas.

Running a tighter ship

This helps you run a tighter ship of sorts because they can keep tabs on employees at all times. Things such as incorrect data and time theft are no longer able to throw a spanner on your decision making any longer. There was a time when companies found it impossible to track the mobile workforce but that is history now. The location tracking application from Beehive is linked straightaway to GPS (Global Positioning System). This provides you real-time information about your field staff. When your managers have access to such information they can lead their teams a lot better and also drastically improvise the productivity curve. You can know exactly where your employees are and trace them as well. This means that their time on the field can be used effectively too.

Scalability of this application

Our solution comes with immeasurable scalability and this is the reason why it can be used in any industry out there. You can use this to manage the following kinds of teams in your organization:
  • Field sales team
  • Service agents
  • Product delivery team
With this solution, you can manage your teams no matter how far you are from each other. In this case, a mobile app is used to mark attendance. There is nothing to deny the fact that mobile is the future and you do need your HRMS (Human Resource Management System) on mobile. Following are some of the tasks that you can accomplish with the help of the system
  • It helps the HR know the whereabouts of the employees thus making it more convenient to determine the work being accomplished.
  • It also helps make changes to the routine if there is a requirement to do so.
  • It can also be used to check if the employees are safe.
  • It makes it easier to locate the employees.

Mobile GPS tracking

Our mobile GPS tracking system works in a seamless manner irrespective of the kind of phone your employees are using – Android or iOS. These days, everyone has a smartphone because it is so handy and this is why you can expect that all your employees are carrying the system with them. Our application comes with geo-tagging and geo-fencing facilities.


With the help of our geo-tagging feature, you can keep track of the attendance and time records of your employees at all times. You can easily gather all this data under one source and retrieve it without any problem whatsoever whenever you want to. It also helps your employees be more productive by creating virtual boundaries. This system is also good enough to provide unique passwords and login ids to the people who use the system. This is an important feature considering how critical such data is. If you wish to be more productive as an organization it is highly necessary for you to have an attendance management system that is highly efficient. If you have a large workforce that is always on the go for work-related purposes you would understand how valuable geo-fencing is. It is mainly supposed to keep track of your field staff. With the geo-fencing facility of Beehive – you the super-user or administrator would now be able to restrict locations in your GPS. This would make sure that your employee is unable to sign in anywhere she or he chooses to.

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