Leave Management Solutions to Empower Employees

Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. Complex, manually administered Leave Management programs are costly and often result in errors.

Beehive Leave Management solutions empower employees via the browser-based Employee Self Service to request leave and access benefit (paid time off) balances. With the browser-based Manager Self Service, supervisors can review requests in a timely manner. The system automatically evaluates each request against balances of the requested benefit and other outstanding leave requests. It also presents impact on scheduled labor, helping supervisors to make better leave management decisions. Employers can fairly and accurately enforce leave policies, and customize routing and approvals based on a company’s unique business processes. Most importantly, employers easily access consolidated time off information for analysis, reporting, and financial planning.

Leave management is one of the integral parts in the HR management, as this is one the benefit provided to employee by the company and law. There are several standard compliance rules applicable on the employee paid leave, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave. Beehive leave management allows organizations to define their leave policy and help them to be compliant with respect to statutory regulations. Leave management is also very important from the payroll administration side as well, there are several events where in employee leaves will become integral part of their payroll such as leave without pay, leave encasement. Beehive offers integrated leave and payroll management which will eliminate the transactional overheads from the HR team of doing repetitive reconciliation of leave data for payroll processing.

Leave management system has two major parts when comes to a technology based solution, Configuration & Transactions. Configuration engine will help you to define your HR business policies and rules where transactions will include the leave application and approval workflow, it also has the leave escalation and workflow based notifications as a feature.

Mobile App is one of the trends we see in each industry today, in the HR software future is to have mobile based ESS (Employee Self Service) for the employees across levels in the organizations. Enabling employees and managers to perform HR related transactional activities while they are on the move will create a happy and transparent work culture. Providing mobility on employee related activities would increase the productivity of employees. It will also reduce the routine queries raised by the employees with respect to their leave utilization.