Leave management software

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Leave management software

Leave Management System is one of the minutes of all the activities performed by the HR but yet often consumes the maximum amount of time. Every employee needs time off work to rest and recover from exertion so as to be equally productive the next time. An overworked employee is an unproductive one. Leave management is the management of the employee leaves with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Leave policies are complicated as the compliance related to them are designed by the government and the HR has to make sure that absenteeism of certain employees doesn’t lead to an impasse in the company’s operations. Also, HR is obligated to make sure that employee satisfaction is retained at all times.
Having a systematic leave management system is crucial to the success of any organization. Time and again studies have proven that negligence in having a good leave policy directly affects the performance of the organization’s employees. Many organizations have been managing and maintaining their employee leave calendars on paper forms, excel sheets and emails which is highly unconventional, as these techniques are highly prone to errors. Such errors can cost the organization in ways of erroneous payroll processing, unprepared resource crunch and oblivious noncompliance.
Using such incompetent tools doesn’t just hamper your organization, but also affects your employee efficiency and productivity. Leave management systems to help automate the employee process of leave management, with the digital leave applications and approvals backed with notifications and reminders, also the policies make it clear for the HR to always be backed with sufficient resources for the organization to process without hiccups. The freedom to define the workflow in the systems makes sure that all of the concerned parties are duly notified on the employee’s absence. Streamlining processes is the key to an organizations success.

Features of Leave Management System

Leave management system helps automate the entire process of leaves right from the application for a leave to the time the employee resumes work, making the whole process seamless. Leave management solutions should be robust and scalable so that all of the functions can duly be performed whilst abiding your company leave policy and compliance.

  • Informative Dashboards:The employee can apply for leaves, check their leave balance and the leave calendar with absolute ease. The HR, Managers and all of the concerned parties can access the employee’s leaves, holiday lists, and department schedules, provide for leave approvals and be notified for the pending requests through a single medium.
  • Absolutely configurable: A leave management system comes with the freedom to be configured as per the organization’s leave policy. The workflow, the leave arrangements, leave credits, can be uniquely defined as per the organisation’s policy.
  • On the move-access: Cloud is the way to go. A cloud based leave management system is cost- saving and highly efficient. The HR and the employees can access the system at any hour of the day, from any location. This also is one of the key methods to inculcate a culture of engagement in the organisation.
  • Complete Automation: No need to update leave balances of your employees manually, this helps save time and energy of the HR department and also eliminates chances of errors. Complete automation makes sure that there has been no breach in the compliances as well.
  • Integration Ready: A system should duly have the capacity to be integrated with complementary solutions, which help the HR in performing the rest of their activities, eradicating the whole process of dual entries.
  • Report Builders: An efficient leave management system comes with a built in report builder, with the functionality to pull reports for any data required at any given point. This helps the management in their MIS analytics and make more informed decisions while planning for the upcoming periods. With employee-wise and company-wide reports, organizations can easily analyse patterns and acquire actionable insights.

Benefits of Leave Management Solution

Leave management systems are equally beneficial to the employees and the organization, seamless processing is essential for the satisfaction of employees which in return is the key factor for enhanced employee productivity. The following are the some of the key benefits of implementing a leave management system in your organizations:

  • Eliminate Paper work : The self-service functionality helps in reducing the usage of paper, no more wastage of time and energy in fling and managing paperwork, increasing employee happiness quotient as the employee’s will be content with the faster processing of HR formalities. Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster processing of various HR formalities. It helps reduce the direct dependency of employees on the HR department, as most of the data is available on their dashboard.
  • Statutory Compliance: Every country has designed a complex leave regulation so as to make sure that the employers do not misuse the employee. The system automatically can be configured to not just oblige by the complex statutory laws designed by the state and local law authorities whilst abiding by the company policy. Automated leave management systems are always up to date with the recent regulations. No organisation would want to lose it’s goodwill over noncompliance.
  • Real time visibility of data: The managers and the HR department is always aware of the available workforce. Employee leave should in no way be a hurdle in the organisations operations. The HRD can at all times be ready for a sudden absenteeism of an employee with the functionality of being informed of the employee absence on real time basis.

Automating the leave management process can help facilitate a hassle free and more positive employee-employer work relationship helping inculcate a good work culture, while also ensuring business productivity is not compromised.

Working of a leave management system

An automated leave management systems works by smartly integrating data from all the relevant sources and combines them to generate results that matter. All of the employees attendance data, leaves, leave balances are all duly noted and easily accessible to the HR. This helps the HR in the efficient performance evaluation of its employees, to amalgamate all of the information available in order to carefully study the employee leave and attendance patterns in order to plan the organizational strategies and policies accordingly.

The working of the entire solution can divided into five important steps. Initial stage being the selection of the most robust and optimized solution that fits your organizations needs and requirements aptly. This needs to be an informed decision, as it is a onetime investment and the solution should be selected based on the features and the offerings of the solution. The second stage is the implementation of the solution. The solution should be configured basis the policies of the organization, with broad categories for shifts, leave credit policies, and room for customization. Post the implementation, the employees should be trained and made familiar with the potentials of using a solution.

Once the solution has been introduced to its users, the managers and the concerned parties can seamlessly and efficiently track all of the employees leave applications and schedules on real time basis. Also the management and managers can pull out reports from the system for the various categories defined priorly in the system at the stage of implementation.

Beehive’s offerings:

Beehive’s Leave applications assists human resource departments to set up an impartial & non-discriminatory leave policy. Providing absolute flexibility with regards to workflows and configurations. Our MIS and analytics help you have an in-depth analysis to the leave patterns aiding the HRD to develop their leave policy around this. Automating the leave system in an organization helps the employee enjoy their leave without hindering the productivity of the organization. All of the compliances can also be kept in check with ease through automation.

Some of the important functions available with Beehive are as below:

  • Grade wise leave
  • Availability of leaves
  • Monthly Leave accrual setting
  • Rules for leave during probationary period
  • How many days in advance the leaves to applied
  • Leave regularization policy with time period
  • Rules for long and short Leave application
  • Sandwich leave rule configuration
  • Rule for clubbing of different types of leaves
  • Leave encashment and carry forward policy for a tenure
  • The time span within which a type of leave would lapse.

Beehive’s leave application is a boon to the managerial employees, allowing managers to access employee leave requests with criteria such as reason for leave, with available leave balance & history of applied leave applications. The manager can accept or reject the leave application with reasons for rejection increasing transparency amongst the hierarchy and inducing employee trust in the organisation. The manager can view all the leave history for all of his subordinates making sure he approves and rejects leave in such a way that he can maintain optimal headcount so that there is no hindrance in the productivity of the organisation

Beehive’s leave application highly flexible with room for configuration. Easy report and analytics to get a bird’s eye view to maintain high process efficiency. These reports can be accessed in various formats. This assists the management in always making informed leave policies as per the analytics.

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