Leave management – The Challenge and The Solution!

It is inevitable that, at one point or the other, employees will have to take leaves, and the organization will have to figure out how to accommodate these leaves. The most common ways of handling absence of some employees is by either having the existing staff work extra shifts (or time) to cover for the absence or utilize contingent or temporary labor. Well, sometimes even the supervisors need to dive in and finish things up, or the work does not get done at all. All of these methods of handling leaves has some kind of cost associated with it with the business will have to absorb. This is exactly why employers need to track the eligibility, time taken, balances and expected return dates etc. and ensure that there is compliance to the leave policies of the organization. Two of the most important aspects of leave compliance is – having a leave policy and consistently applying that policy through uniform procedures and practices.

This is exactly where automated leave management systems can help. Otherwise it’s very easy to lose track of your employee’s time off – which in turn negatively impacts your project delivery times. All this can ultimately create a hindrance in business success.  Effective leave management systems can greatly improve employee morale, reduce workload on the other employees and save money – long term.

The solution!

Leave requests

This cumbersome task of keeping a track of leaves can be handled by the implementation of effective leave management software. Once the software has been configured, all leave applications can be tracked and tallied by an automated system and this greatly reduces the most common payroll mistakes and human errors.

Leave management software provides you with an easy to use control panel. The process is as simple as selecting the code and submitting to the manager for approval. Employees too get complete access to the leave portal and can get an overview of their paid time offs, at a glance view of the leave history and the balance leaves. This empowers employees to take prudent decisions and plan their leaves such that their absence does not create a hindrance in the project delivery. The overall attendance of the organization is also improved.

Leave Management

The implementation of leave management software reduces the administrative tasks of manually approving the leaves and scheduling time offs. The software is fully automated – end to end. This means that an employee uses it to ‘apply’ for a leave – the software sends and automated email to the approving manager and the HR. Once the manager approves the leave, the employee gets notified and the number of days is deducted from the employee’s leave balance.

Leave management systems are easy to integrate with the other software in the business environment and makes business administration much simple.

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