Leave & Attendance Systems to Save Company Cost

Leave and Attendance Management Systems is a mechanism which automates the process wherein employees record their daily attendance (In Time & Out Time) as well as keep a track of the Paid Leaves remaining in their account and or apply for a it if employee wishes to. This software which helps the employees to do so and help the HR to keep an eye on the same is part/module of HRMS software. With the introduction of Leave & Attendance Systems, employees are no longer required to approach their managers to request for a Paid Leave. This has also led to avoidance of errors in maintaining the count of Paid Leaves for employees. The system is perfect by all means with regards to simultaneously recording the daily attendance of tens of thousands of employees working in an organization.

It’s necessary for organizations to forego the traditional practices of maintaining Leave & Attendance Systems of employees as it has enough room for employees to perform fraudulent practices of time fraud. It is estimated that by year 2016, more than 30%-35% of companies will be getting rid of traditional system of maintaining Leave & Attendance of employees and will be opting for biometric system and online Leave & Attendance management systems. These software ensure that there is no scope of time fraud. Organizations still following the traditional systems to do so witness numerous cases of time fraud wherein employees assign their buddy to mark their false attendance. The same happens in the case of Paid Leaves wherein employees cheat in the same way. By bringing automation in the form of Biometrics, its next to impossible for employees to do time fraud or leave fraud as the biometric system will only mark attendance for the employee after scanning his/her index finger or eye retina. This leaves no room for employees to bluff with their Leave & Attendance records.

Automation Of Leave & Attendance saves Company’s cost in the following ways:-

  • Eliminates buddy time punching.
  • Increases productivity amongst employees.
  • Helps to maintain precise & accurate data.
  • Avoids fraudulent activities by employees.
  • Avoids overpayment and underpayment to employees.
  • Helps in reduction of paperwork by automating the process.
  • Ensures employees adherence to the law.
  • Encourages discipline and decorum amongst employees.
  • Helps employee as well as managers keep a track of remaining Paid Leaves in their account.
  • Helps employee to plan their leaves in a systematic way.

Beehive’s HRMS software includes modules of Time & Attendance as well as Leave Management which takes care of the entire gamut of the employees attendance and leaves. The highest level of automation offered in the Beehive’s software ensures avoidance of erroneous activities in maintaining leave and attendance records of tens of thousands of employees working in the organization which helps to maintain accurate and precise data leaving no room for any kind of time fraud or leave fraud. The dedicated IT team of Beehive works round the clock to deliver best HR solutions to organizations looking for the same. Investing in Beehive’s HRMS software would help the organization to save cost by avoiding malpractices, frauds and errors in the internal process of HR department of the organization.