Learning & Development

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Employees can be in need for a training or development session for many reasons, which majorly fall under two heads. One being – trying to fill the performance gap identified during the performance review process or because the set goals are regularly not attained. Secondly being – trying to fill the growth gap, during the process of succession planning the human resource department ranks the suitable employees for the next to fill in a senior’s position so that in case the position happens to go vacant for any reason there is an immediate replacement so as to not break the continuity of the projects of an organisation. So that the selected employee is as hands on ready for the position the growth training is provided.
Beehive’s learning and development application is based on a predefined skill matrix for the employees, to put their competencies to test differing for different positions, grades and job roles. The intensity of training also differs basis designations of the employees. The system automatically suggests a need for training If the levels aren’t matched by the employee. This notification shall be triggered to all the stakeholders concerned with the employee i.e. the immediate seniority, line managers, trainer etc.

All of the applications offered by us are absolutely integratable with the other modules. The learning and development application seamlessly integrates with the compensation module for rewarding the employees outperforming, it integrates with the performance appraisal application to identify the needs of training for its employees, with the finance applications to allow measuring the returns on investments made on training costs of the employees in the organisation. The major functionalities and features of Beehive’s learning and development application are as follows:

External and internal training needs can be segregated

  • The availability to set up categories such as trainers, trainings, participants and scheduled training.
  • Effortlessly manage the courses and topics in the training
  • Easy assigning of course materials if applicable
  • Automated notifications to all the stakeholders involved in the training
  • Maintain training attendance and timesheets for ease in reporting
  • Training plans and calendar can be maintained
  • Application integrated to competency charts, succession plans, PMS appraisals, Goal settings etc.
  • Integration with finance application to easily track the ROI on training cost

Beehive’s learning and development is a must have application in all sorts of organisations for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance of quality standards
  • Improved productivity
  • Growth in the organisations stability and flexibility
  • Reduction in control and direction
  • Optimum utilisation of resources and improved morale
  • Healthier industrial relations
  • Role & career flexibility
  • Better planning with preparation for future manpower needs

With beehive’s learning and development application maintaining the employee’s training history, all of the courses opted by the employee and the training costs incurred in the same in a single source point . This data can be used by the supervisors to know exactly the ROI of the entire process without taking any extra efforts. This application has been highly popular amongst the human resource department as the deskilled and industrial labourers are being replaced by more skilled and trained workers. The staff hired have been provided with on job training and the employee is turned into an asset on job. The onus is now on you of how do you make the best use of something that is already the best in itself!