Know why geo tagging is highly important in the HRMS software

In today’s digitized world many organizations have already begun implementing the HRMS software to ease out their employee management in all aspects.

One of the most crucial factors to consider in HRMS software is Time tracking and Attendance Management System. This in-turn helps manage their employees in a much efficient manner.

Herein, geo-tagging in HRMS software plays a crucial role as it helps organizations save their precious time and money. As most employees work in the field, their remote clock-in and clock-out is easily tracked and hence results in:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency in payroll functions.
  • Improves performance of the team as they are aware of being tracked.
  • Prevents time thefts.
  • Tracks all the employees’ activities in the organization.
  • Time-off and vacations are also reported.
  • Every single information is in sync with the cloud on a server.
  • Tasks can be divided into shifts for a particular branch, unit or department.
  • All the requests for overtime or outdoor can be monitored easily.

HRMS software provided by Beehive software has the maximum potential to integrate with payroll and reduces the chances of human error. Even the smallest error in the system can cost higher for an organization. Additionally, HRMS software provides a facility that can gather all information of the on- field employees including total task hours & off days are taken during a month.

Working of HRMS software in an organization

We know that every organization from SMEs to large enterprises is always looking for solutions that can track each and every location, tasks accomplished, the number of clients reached by an assigned employee. With the help of HRMS software that is provided by Beehive software, the organization, as well as an employee, can sync the tasks and locations covered in a day with real-time data. This eliminates all the manual workload and inefficiency of doing the task. Using HRMS on mobile an employee just needs to merely sign in through an app which is connected with the central system of the organization.

As a result, all the attendance related data is acquired by the employer from a remote location which means no physical presence is necessary each and every time.

If we analyze the outcomes of using HRMS software system then we realize that there is an increase in the efficiency of the work, a lot of precious time & money is saved for the admin part. When the things are tracked well you have a better opportunity to correct all the loopholes within the organization and you get to be at par level in the latest business trends.

HRMS software decreases in the time, running behind each and every emails or communications because you have on-hand real-time data with the detailed analyzed reports and audited activities of an employee those are working on- field.

From the hardware-components perspective, the organization often face issues related to hardware failure or loss of data but with the GPS-enabled HRMS on mobile, all those dependencies on the external hardware components are eliminated.