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The year 2020 has gifted avalanche of changes around the globe. The biggest hit was the lockdown which affected huge set of industries in the market. Companies are changing their business processes to the \”new normal.\” It will be difficult to manage your business the manner in which it was run before the pandemic. The strategic business decisions you make will to a great extent be based situations around you. Many business set ups are still trying to determine the right approach to help their employees wade through this crisis.

There is no doubt in the fact that due to Covid-19 pandemic, this year 2020 has become the year of change. From now onwards, stories will be narrated as ‘Before Corona’ and ‘After Corona’. Organizations have changed the way they used to assign tasks; employees have changed the way they used to report. Bio-metrics have slowly started demolishing and touch less attendance systems are running in trend.

Despite of all hiccups and milestones, HRMS software industry will experience continuous growth and evolution post 2020 reason being its need in all sectors. HRMS software market aims at providing latest technology on the basis of which business owners takes strategic decisions for their organizations.

The Human Resource typically has few types of market segments :

There are many factors which are influencing HR software market HRMS Trends (2020) :

1) Performance and Productivity :

HR Software solutions are successfully hitting the box offices of all industries. The greatest goal of any automation is bringing productivity and improving the performance of company. The features and Modules of HR software chops down the time wasting, improves communication, brings transparent updates, and boosts employee engagement across your organization. There are tools within the HR software which can help tracking the productivity and live status of projects in progress.

2) Remote Working :

‘The new normal’: Before 2020, it was possible to operate without cloud based solutions especially HR software solutions. But, since lockdown due to Covid-19, organizations have now shifted to remote working trend. When employees work from scattered locations, it becomes really tough to manage. HR software solutions smoothens your work from home process and gives you desired results. Your team becomes accountable and responsible for their tasks.

3) AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning):

AI and ML are comprehensive automation tools which are making a gig in 2020. The features helps business processes to improve their cash flows reduce bad debts and establish robust internal controls over every department.  Few of the key benefits are:

  • Maximize strength of the overall process
  • Work flow becomes process oriented rather than people dependency
  • Transparent project updates
  • Meaningful analytics
  • Automated reports
  • Secured data and information
4) Collaborative Modules:

HR software solutions have modules which are dynamic and flexible in nature. The existing system on any organization can collaborate and can get the features configured. The system is mapped as per company’s specifications.

5) Mobile Application:

Be it a newbie or experienced HR software vendor in the market, every vendor has mobile application on the table for you. It’s you who has to pick up the best HR software for your organization. In today’s techno-friendly era, people have become very much comfortable with mobile applications. Cloud based HRMS software has user friendly mobile apps which are easy to use and smooth. An employee can even update project report on mobile.

The way digital technologies are rapidly changing, your company needs a vendor who has long term plans and experience to survive successfully in the competitive market. Beehive HR software team has skill set to nurture organization’s growth plans. Beehive is a comprehensive HRMS and Payroll Software which manages your entire HR process. From tip to toe Beehive covers employee’s journey, task, timesheet, attendance, DMS and enormous ready to use features which will streamline your HR at core level.



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