Key Features to Look for in an HRMS Software

An HRMS software that offer features like Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Employee Performance, Employee Self Service, Recruitment, Expense Management, Report Generation, and others can allow an HR department efficiently manage human resources and revolutionize a workplace.

In the fast-paced world, the companies of various industries are in the quest for an efficient HRMS solution to minimize the human resource management issues arise every day. To increase productivity and profitability, HR departments are compelled to put forth the right data of the workforce in a matter of minutes. For this, your HR needs right tools to get access to timely, accurate information that helps produce informed business decisions. Having the right Human Resources Management System (HRMS) in place is undeniable, because if you don’t, then you may never be able to gain control over your employee data, improve productivity, and lay an ultimate approach of communication between the departmental heads and employees.

HRMS acts as a database for monitoring of all employee information and in turn, allows departmental heads to plan and execute activities within a set time-frame. However, there are many HRMS software applications are available in the market and the number is constantly growing, choosing a right HRMS software that revolutionizes your HR function is highly challenging. This is because, first you need to identify what are your major HR challenges and then you need to look for a solution. While looking for a solution, you may find multiple HRMS systems on the way to choose one. It is even more challenging when none of the systems encompass all the features that you have been looking for. With this you may end up compromising on the system that partially addresses only one or few HR issues when a lot of issues are still to be resolved. Many companies face this situation, may be because of the budget constraints. Further, some companies still face hindrances with the features if they don’t equip exhaustive, crucial and required options to perform a certain HR practice properly. This sometimes drives them back to pen and paper work tradition.

Basically, a growing company needs an HRMS software that offer a pack of features that enables them to run all the key HR practices while letting employees send their request to HR. Further, the software should be able to help departmental heads or reporting level persons approve or reject the application requests of the employees. This results in saving a significant amount of time for the HR department, allowing it to focus on what matters the most for the company growth.

Let’s have a look at some of the key features that an HRMS should have.

Employee Asset Management

    • Assign required assets to employees and maintain records to know what assets need to be recovered when an employee leaves. Employee Self Service Let your employees perform employee related operations like updating personal information, and many more with ease and convenience. Employee Attendance Management Have a hassle-free management of attendance and or shifts of various groups of employees. Employee Leave Management Track leave balance, leave history, earned leaves of your employees, reshuffle tasks, update payroll and let your employees apply for leave. Recruitment Management Organize and automate the entire recruitment processes and improve the hiring productivity

Employee Performance Management 

Monitor your employees, evaluate and rate their performances. Employee Payroll Management

Ensure accurate, faster and on-time payroll processing every time while successfully addressing the HR and payroll management challenges.E – Separation

Conduct an exit interview, mention the date of resignation and separation, the reasons for exit, and ensure that things end on a good note.

Employee Expense Management

Define different types of expenses and let your employees to apply for expense reimbursement and view their request details and history.

Employee Grievance Management

Let your employees forward their complaints and ensure that they are addressed on time.

Graphical Report

Use this feature to generate a report of a status in graphical format.

        • The above features enable you to automate and streamline HR administration, increasing the ability for an HR head to provide better service to your employees. However, to acquire all those features individually may demand an exorbitant amount of money. You could approach a cloud-based HRMS system which comes with all the required features. This approach will let you leverage many cloud advantages, denying you to break the banks. If you haven’t come across Beehive HRMS, you could approach it today. Beehive HRMS is one of the fast emerging leaders in providing the seekers with the cloud-based HRMS software that lists out a number of highly effective features to run HR functions efficiently.
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