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Hr Essentials

  • Capture & Manage Employee Master file
  • Set Up and map org Levels and Multiple companies
  • Easy access control set up for data
  • Get Analyzable insights on Emp Data
  • Leave Management

  • Flexible policy set up
  • Integration with supporting functions
  • Shift scheduling and other compliances
  • Mobile based ESS transactions
  • Exit Management

  • Resignation approval workflow
  • No Dues clearance process
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • HR Exit questionnaire and feedback
  • Payroll Management

  • Unlimited earning and deduction calculation
  • Flexi Basket and benefits administration
  • Statutory compliances and filling support
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation
  • Travel Management

  • Define eligibilities and entitlements
  • Travel and Expense approval workflow
  • Multi-Currency support on calculations
  • Reimbursement, loans and IT computation
  • Performance & Goals

  • KRA and Goals set up with approvals
  • Support multiple assessment methods
  • Continuous feedback mechanism
  • Appraisals and Letters
  • Training Administration

  • Training Calendar Broadcast
  • Self-nomination and recommendation
  • Training Needs Identification
  • Training Effectiveness feedback
  • Recruitment & Onboard

  • Manpower planning and budgeting
  • Requisition and approval workflow
  • Integration with job portals
  • Candidate e-onboarding
  • Greivance Management

  • Flexibility to define helpdesk functions
  • Location specific workflow
  • Employee Feedback
  • SLA and Escalation matrix
  • Key Features


    Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization


    Secured application designed to keep data security as primary importance

    Greater ROI

    Automation save time and concentrate on business activities and happier workplace


    Caters to vertical specific Hr activities and requirement of each business

    API Ready

    Connect HR with your business systems easily and seamlessly

    Options to Deploy

    Options to Deploy Available on cloud, On-Premises (Ent) and Hybrid Solutions


    Covers entire gamut of HR activities for employees and HR in the organization

    Quick Rollout

    Timeframe to implement and launch is quick and optimized

    Mobile First

    Available on the mobile, use on the go

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    Payroll software is a massive, operation activity for every company. Human errors frequently obstruct proper and timely payment of employees, resulting in poor work performance, bad morale, and maybe even ethical or legal issues. Our Computerized payroll solutions eliminate the possibility of human error while allowing you to generate accurate deductions and payouts. Beehive Software is a trusted and renowned brand in the HR management industry with enormous years of experience and trained staff. The advantages of Using our HR software, however, are not confined to eliminating errors and delays. It helps manage the whole process and distribute duties to the appropriate staff. Appropriate payroll management software automates these processes while also allowing you to integrate biometric time and attendance information into them. The cloud-based HRMS available at Beehive Software creates payslips and estimates payments based on a particular pay scale. At Beehive Software, we strongly advise that every organisation consider using payroll software in Jalahalli for the following reasons:

    It’s Budget-Friendly

    The payroll administration process entails a series of complex and time-consuming processes that must be completed every month for every member of your company. As a result, it necessitates a productive workforce for optimal processing and completion. Our Payroll software has a number of automated capabilities that might help you accelerate the process while reducing your human resource expenditure.

    Furthermore, when you convert from conventional paper-based payment processing to a cloud-based HRMS system, you won’t need to spend on hardware; instead, you’ll pay a one-time membership fee to your service supplier and begin reaping the benefits of sophisticated tech. This reduces the cost of payroll processing all the more and our organization understands the importance of costing and how to reduce it.

    Experts Aren’t Required

    The Payroll software at Beehive Software is made to make calculating salaries easier. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone, even those with no prior knowledge of payroll, to browse and administer their payroll needs. This implies you won’t have to recruit payroll professionals with certain skill sets to manage the job. As a result, your hiring costs are reduced, and you have more flexibility in allocating available employees.

    Every Calculation is Precise

    When dealing with the payroll management services manually, human mistakes are made. Such inaccuracies are practically impossible to make if you utilise the proper payroll administration software. The system’s automated function, as well as its extensive verification procedures, will prevent incorrect data from being entered and eliminate the risk of salary computation problems.

    It’s More Secure And Faster

    The payroll software’s computations are 100% correct. In addition, the software makes it easy to create information and reports in seconds with just a few taps. All of these factors reduce the amount of time it takes to complete payroll processing, making it more dependable, providing a smoother finish, and increasing efficiency.

    It Improves Data Security

    We understand the importance of data and its protection. Data security is critical, especially for sensitive company information like payments, and it must be protected to the utmost. Up-to-date payroll software adheres to the strictest IT security requirements, ensuring that all information is safely password protected and only authorised individuals have access. As a result, it eliminates the ambiguity that arises when your personnel’ information is accessed unlawfully outside your company.

    You Have the Opportunity to Save Time

    Payroll software automates different aspects of the operation, hence improving the speed. The approach minimizes tasks and allows your employees to better manage and turn their attention to strategic planning.

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