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Most people assume that HRMS solutions are rigidly standardized. Beehive is highly scalable and flexible with multiple deployment options, suitable for varied industries , irrespective the size with configurable masters, absolutely customizable and provides unlimited API integration and app ready to migrate and sync with any third party application or systems , with the functionality to mold into being a part of your organization. Once integrated with third party software you can avoid customizations that are difficult to maintain in the long term.

Biometric devices can serve different individuals and organizations for better attendance management and security. Beehive’s Attendance Management Software can be integrated with third party software or biometric devices. Data can be directly transferred to the online attendance management software once the attendance is captured by getting the thumb or any finger impression in to the machine. Online Attendance Management Software can be mapped to any such devices and hardware component. Attendance Management Software can also track employee records like overtime, holidays and other work schedules.

Beehive also holds the capability of being integrated with financial and third party payroll solutions for errorless and easy processing of operations. The payroll systems pull data from our attendance systems to calculate the payroll of its employees. Beehive has successfully aided in automating and integrating HR and financial systems with each other. The benefits of integration are huge: lower costs, streamlined operations, increased productivity and major improvements in managing the talent within the organization

Beehive is a modern cloud payroll software brought to you by the experts in the industry. Beehive provides the functionality to integrate with leading bank portals have to give you seamless banking experience with no requirement to approach the bank for your payments, collections and reconciliations. This integration allows you to save time, cost and manpower to reconcile your accounting and payment or collection entries, enhancing your business efficiency. Experience a seamless salary payment experience. Facility to process salaries instantly from Beehive, without any manual download or upload of payment instruction files.

ERP systems are the one source point of operations for the entire industry where in HRMS solutions specialize in assisting the Human resource department. Beehive can be integrated with your ERP systems as well, this will lead to a significant benefit to the organization by reducing the multiple input of entries. Multiple data entries done leads to wastage of time, erroneous calculations, faulty analytics etc. This will reduce the confidence in the analytics and reporting. A unified database also makes reporting and analysis richer and more in depth as well as easier to run. Rather than reporting from a patchwork of disparate sources – databases, files and spreadsheets – a single database makes report development quicker and easier to maintain. This, in turn, makes data available to decision-makers in closer to real time.