Our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a single platform that is capable of storing all the data related to your employees as well as the analytics to go along with the same. Our system can make your company a lot more efficient because it can be integrated with other systems in your organization. It comes with a data-sharing functionality that will make you a lot more productive and do away with the chances of errors and double entries as well. When your business systems are integrated it provides you maximum visibility concerning various data. This includes the likes of the following:

  • HR 
  • Timekeeping
  • Payroll
  • Financial
  • Expenses

This interrelation can prove to be a boon for you – the decision-makers in a company. You can view all the data at a single location and this allows you to make decisions that are informed and profound by nature. This helps you improvise with strategic planning as an organization as well. There are so many advantages that you can derive from this.

Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

Our HRMS is highly specialized concerning catering to the different HR needs you have in your company. This means that the data that is gathered by this system can be used by other systems so that they can become more productive. With the help of such integration, you can generate valuable reports as well. From these reports, you can get some great insights on complex information from several sources. As has been said already, our HRMS system can easily be integrated with various other systems in your organization. This, in turn, provides you a great HRMS experience and you can make the most of your operations as well.

It is very rare to get an HRMS that can do this and this is where our product is so very special in every sense of the word. Our product is already integrated with different modules that may already be there in your ERP system. This is the reason why it seamlessly integrates data between different departments. This leads to business outcomes that are improvised and the communication is superior as well.

Integration with attendance machines

A lot of companies like to use complex hardware such as the following to keep track of employee attendance:

    • Biometric Machines
    • Turnstile Doors
    • Facial Recognition Technology

You can easily integrate our HRMS with these devices. This will make sure that you are getting accurate data at all times and the entire process also becomes a lot more transparent for your employees as well. Our employee self-service portal also plays a major role in this regard as this is where they can see all these records on a real-time basis. Apart from these, you can also analyze data from these sources to come up with better outcomes as well as employee management.

Integration with accounting and financial systems

Our core HR module includes information such as the following:

      • Hours worked
      • Travel and reimbursement
      • Absenteeism
      • Tax declarations

This makes the payroll process completely simpler. You can integrate our HRMS with a third-party financial system as well and use the data from over there. This does away with the chance of double entries that may happen because of human errors. It is common knowledge that errors in employee compensation can be extremely demotivating for the employees. However, with our system, such mistakes are eliminated and this means that both the employees as well as the people processing the payroll are happy. As is rather evident, there are plenty of benefits of integrating HRMS with various software and hardware processes in your organization. However, it is a bit tricky when it comes to deciding which solution you wish to integrate with our HRMS. The choice, in this case, would be based on the unique needs and requirements that you have as an organization. A lot also depends on how big you are as an organization as well as the verticals that you are active on. The possibilities, in this case, are endless and it depends on how you wish our HRMS to help you reach the next level.

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