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Few sectors of the economy embody the rapidly evolving workplace like manufacturing. With swift advances in technology as well as an immense financial and employment footprint, HR departments within manufacturing companies absolutely must evolve along with the industry, their organizations, and the workforce in general in order to keep pace with the rapid changes.

Manufacturing Industries require manpower in large numbers to help with production activities. A manufacturing plant does not only focus on production, but also procurement of raw materials, inventory management, supply, sales, marketing, etc. Hence, they hire a lot of people, the record of which will be very difficult to be maintained by the HR department if they do not have a proper HR Software to assist. Maintaining personal information, designations, reporting charts, leave information, overtime details, bonus details, increment details, etc., for all of its resources manually will be chaotic and disorganised.

Improve your operational process by streamlining your HR processes with Beehive’s following features:

  • Attendance tracking function which increases productivity: Managers will no longer be required to be present in order to justify the attendance of a staff. This leaves the managers to fully focus on streamlining your operational processes to enhance the growth of your organisation.
  • Reliable shift-scheduling for the different shift-pattern: Multiple shift-pattern in the manufacturing industry is unavoidable due to the support required by engineers round the clock. With a shift-scheduling system in place, managers could now plan the upcoming roster at ease regardless of what the shift pattern is. Manpower will then be able to be spread effectively across different shifts.
  • Convenience of applying leaves & claims anywhere, everywhere: With Beehive mobile app, application for leaves and claims submission has never been easier. Engineers are often working on the go and with the convenience of applying leaves and claims on mobile, HR personnel will no longer need to apply leaves and claims on behalf of them!
  • Eliminating human error: One of the biggest benefits that Beehive HRMS brings to the table is process automation. A carefully researched and implemented HRMS can help automate most tasks related to payroll management and filing, which not only saves time, but also helps eliminate common errors such as incorrect salary calculations, double credits, missed deductions, etc. Beehive HRMS provides the functionality of Calculation of overtime pay, double-time pay, bonus pay etc. with a single click from the portal.

At Beehive, we help manufacturing companies harness the tremendous insights offered by employee feedback, leveraging that insightful people data into powerful strategies that can guide a company through a cutthroat and demanding industry. The most effective solutions to solve manufacturing employee woes lie within the companies themselves.

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Our Clients

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