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How do you manage your transportation business? With multiple teams working in different shifts, do you think manual processing is the best way to track and manage the transport sector? We have the right solution for logistics and transportation business. As long as the customers have demands and requirements, the supply chain, logistics and transportation are going to be at peak.

Beehive HRMS covers all the essential and vital information and details in regard to your business and employees while keeping a tab on employee activities and task completed at the workplace. It is essential to streamline your business and to customize it to suit your business needs and requirements. This not only improves productivity amongst your employees but also increases your profits as the months go by. Grow and expand your business with the help of Beehive HRMS software.

Improve your operational process by streamlining your HR processes with Beehive’s following features:

  • Whether it’s a travel agency that provides transport for intercity travel or a travel agent that offers chauffeured cars, HRMS plays a major role. Travel policy, negotiation, tax and other major calculations are included in the transportation industry that needs an HRMS solution that can manage the overall performance more efficiently. It automates the calculation of taxes, charges, discounts and overtime benefits and other important information that are essential.
  • It can be a nightmare to manage the payroll for logistics business as there are numerous employees working from different locations at a different time. There are tax variation and different overtime calculation. Manual process can be time-consuming and a tedious task. Beehives’ payroll system helps the logistics business to overcome complexities, manage large workgroup and communicate with the employees instantly.
  • Beehive HRMS is simple and accessible from anywhere. It’s easy to use and the solution streamlines and automates all the required backend functions in the transport and logistics industry making it easier for the staffs and also the management.
  • Reports are generated in a single click and the workflow of the business is improved. It also enhances easy communication with the employees. As a result, it is easy for you to manage the highly competitive sector easily.

An aviation company that looks forward to optimizing cabin crew performance to create world class flying experience for the passenger, a freight forwarding agent who has to allocate human resources across diverse teams catering to local geographies and an MNC that has to monitor team performance across time zones have an agenda for HRMS which is global. The solutions to each of these enterprises though are local. Beehive HRMS enables transport enterprises to achieve much more by harnessing the people power. Transport is an industry category which without any doubt mandates people to be in the field and not on the office floor. Our product enhances fluidity and frictionless mobilization of individual employees while measuring and managing performance from a centralized perspective of the enterprise as a team.

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