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Easily manage your entire institution. Recruit and retain employees; support open-ended terms and flexible payment schedules; track academic appointments, tenure, and memberships; manage endowments and grants; and so much more—all in a single system designed by Beehive for higher education.

Our flexible budgetary control framework and position budgeting capabilities give you visibility into your institution’s financial health, helping you to improve compliance, ensure accountability, and reduce errors. Beehive has a proven track record in understanding the diverse and complex HRM requirements of the educational sector.

Our HR software for educational institutions is perfect to address diverse HR challenges.

Do you spend a lot of your time on managing the payroll and Human resource activities at your schools or educational institutes? It’s time to use Beehive HRMS for schools & educational institutes and relieve your management to focus on other important tasks. The education sector has a new dimension: Online classrooms, virtual classrooms are becoming popular and students from different geographical locations enroll in educational institutes and training programs offered in different geographical locations.

The following features of Beehive HRMS can assist in making the HR teams of educational institutions more productive and efficient:

  • Students and staff attendance management
  • Time tracking
  • Work scheduling
  • Tax calculation
  • Leave management (To reduce paperwork)
  • Payroll processing for multiple roles and staffs
  • Tax, deductions, increment, bonus
  • HR related queries and tasks
  • Managing student database

Student enrolment, staff recruitment, administrative work, training for faculty and students, career improvement programs, exams, timetables and more. The HR team of the educational institute is responsible to handle the entire workflow and also process the payroll of the staff members considering the allowances, overtime, deductions, rules and more.Automation has become very common and the implementation of automated HRMS in Schools and Education sectors is a big boon for the industry.

Beehive HRMS reduces the burden of the HR effectively. There’s no manual calculation required as the system calculates the TDS, deduction and add the incentives, increments, and bonus automatically as per their roles and responsibilities. It generates salary certificate and pays slips that are beneficial for the faculty. We help HR teams of educational institutions increase efficiency and reduce cost. Hire, compensate, retain, and develop your faculty and staff. Beehive HRMS is designed to adapt as your institution evolves.

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