Impact of learning and development on employee engagement

People are the greatest investment for any business. For any organisation to grow, it is crucial to keep the workforce with required skill sets and capabilities engaged. That is why learning and development of teams were never so important. Motivated and engaged employees are the one who help businesses maintain their competitive advantage.

Continuous learning and development program keeps employees involved and motivated. An employee engagement program should focus on bringing the feeling of contributing to a larger business goal in employees. This can be achieved by focusing on the skills which are required by employees to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

An organisation thrives when the employees perform consistently. Learning and development budgets are first to be slashed during the economic slowdown. These short term views generally have dire long-term consequences.

 Nurturing Talent

The right learning and development program greatly enhances employee engagement by helping people to learn new skills to improve their performance. The feeling of doing a good job and being valued by an employer is always welcomed by the employees.

No two employees are same. Their professional and personal goals are different. Learning and development programs aim at addressing the various goals of different employees. This empathy greatly improves employee engagement in an organisation.  Companies that invest in the people through learning and development program are considered as more favorable than the companies which don’t.

Showcasing The Benefits

Most of the time, it is observed that employees do not understand the rationale behind the learning and development programs. Organisations who are willing to demonstrate their commitment towards their employees, who in turn are not sure of the advantages.

For learning and development program to yield positive results, it is imperative for employees to see the link between where they are and where they want to reach. It is the responsibility of the organization to make it transparent that how the said training will help them achieve their goals.

This communication gap is often found and this may cause the whole program to fail. Hence, learning and development programs need to be linked to the individual objectives. Managers can speak to their team members and explain the importance of these training. This would also help in understanding what an employee look for.

With a proper communication channel and efficient implementation, learning and development program will yield results. This, in turn, would motivate and engage employees.

There is no second thought that proper learning and development programs can lead to better employee engagement. If you are looking to integrate your learning and development programs with HR systems, then get in touch with Venice Software at sales@ or call at +91-22+6699 9325