Human Resources Need a New Definition, What’s Your Take?

Generally, Human Resources, in short it is called as HR, is defined as a department comprising people who work for a company and responsible for managing employees. Some of their most common functions are finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, performance management, skills development and tracking, benefits administration, among others.
Is HR Important to an Organization? The answer is ‘yes’. Because it’s a company’s human resource multiplier and which focuses on the company’s most valued asset – its people. Without good employees, the best business strategy will fail. As companies reorganize to obtain an edge over their competitors, HR plays a vital role in helping companies manage fast-changing environment and the greater demand for quality employees. This is, typically, called as Human Resource Management. And it is typical for people in the HR department carry expertise in the areas, including but not limited to:
• HR Manager • Human Resource Generalists • Training Development Specialists • Recruiters • Benefits Specialists
They develop and administer programs to help improve the effectiveness of a business. This is done by creating, managing, and heightening the employer-employee relationship. They mainly work around addressing employee grievances, acquiring new employees, and managing the employee exit process. They also face some challenges like:
• Retaining specific talent, • Ensuring excellent workplace culture, • Ensuring new employees fit to the company. • Dealing with diversity, etc.
However, many HR teams have started using technology based HR systems that help their functions faster and easier. This is keeping people motivated, engaged and contributing to company success. They ensure fair and equitable care for employees. This means HR is playing a role of an advocate for employees.
Mostly, today’s HR teams are: • Responsible for much more than conventional administrative activities. • Adding value to the business through optimal utilization of employees. • Ensuring that employee programs are positively impacting the business in measurable ways. • Eliminating the things that don’t add value to the company. Therefore, HR teams that intend to be considered as the real business partners must:
• Work as business people who specialize in HR. • Know the working areas of the business. • Communicate as a business leader. On the whole, Human Resources can be defined as an inevitable partner to the business who could extract the best out of employees for a company’s growth. Tell us how do you define human resources?