Human Resource Management: 5 major functions of HRMS

Human Resource Management has always been playing a major role in any organization. It always deals with increasing the performance of each employee in the organization so that the organization can get benefitted on a wider level. As we all know that the heart of any organization is its employee. Hence, the prime and the foremost role and responsibilities of the HRM is to acquire the services of its employees, utilize and enhance their skills, motivate them to perform to their utmost level, keep them retained in the organization etc. In short, HRM involves all the activities related to the employees and their all around development. Here, we are sharing a list of 5 major functions of HRM which it plays in each and every organization. Here we go.
Recruitment and Selection

Since, we know that for any organization to achieve its goal, it is important for them to have a right chunk of manpower. Therefore, recruitment and selection includes the major function of HRM. You might have wondered that recruitment and selection are synonyms. But here we would like to clarify that although recruitment and selection are the processes involved in getting a right candidate for your organization, yet the two are different from each other. It is important to know that if the company is going to start any recruitment process then it first do proper planning of staff.

Maintaining good working conditions

Working in a good working condition is the prime right of employees. Therefore, it becomes the fundamental duty of HR Department to provide such working conditions which can motivate their employees and remain them attached with their employees.

Managing Employee Relations

Employees are the backbone of any organization and hence, they are called the real assets of any organization. It is defined as the information system which helps the HR Department to maintain a good relationship between a company and its employees. This helps the organizations to achieve the goals efficiently. The HR Department acts as a liaison between the two by training and coaching executives as well as manager in a way to maintain a good relation in the organization.

Training and Development

It is said that no two individuals are of same skill sets. Therefore, it is the prime role of HR Department to provide training to its employees as per the requirement of its employees and the organization. It helps in enhancing the performance of employees by enhancing employee’s ability. Training is defined as the successive steps or process which helps in providing specific skills to its employees. It is meant to train the employees for current job and enhance the skills of employees for future opportunities. This helps your organization to attain competitive advantage over its employees.

Benefits and Compensation

The major challenges which every organization is facing these days are employee retention. Therefore, benefits and compensation is given human resource for proper management in the organization. Working hours, maternity and paternity leave, vacation, telecommunication etc are the ways of motivating employees so that they can retain their employees in the organization.

Although the Humana Resource Management is the heart of any Organization and performs a number of responsibilities, the major functions of the human resource department have been shared by us.