Human Resource Development: Features, benefits and objectives

These days the importance of Human Resource Management is increasing at a faster rate. It is the part of HRM which deals with training and development of its man force. It includes training and development, opportunities to learn new skills, distributing resources among employees, development activities etc. As you know that the development of human resource is giving very important in any organization because the ultimate aim of the organization is to earn a profit. To maximize profit, the skills of employees must be enhanced.
Human Resource Development includes opportunities such as Employee career development, performance management, employee training, mentoring, coaching, succession planning etc. Human Resource Development can be defined as a process through which the employees of the organization can be helped in a planned manner in order to perform various functions associated with their roles. It also emphasizes on the development of organizational culture in which the superiors and subordinates can work as a team.
Features of Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development has salient features:-

  • It promotes teamwork.
  • It helps in achieving competencies at an organizational level.
  • It is a continuous and dynamic process.
  • It emphasizes on the development of human resource so that the organizational goals can be achieved.
  • It is a combination of systems and subsystems and all these are interlinked with each other.
  • It gives importance to employee welfare.
  • Features of Human Resource Development

Benefits of Human Resource Development:

Human Resource Development is considered as the key to success as it emphasizes on building a link between the employees and to the management so that human resource can be aligned towards the organization. If an organization has good human resource development schemes then the organization is benefitted to the utmost level. Here we share some of the benefits through which the organizations are benefited.

Benefits of Human Resource Development:

It emphasizes on all around the development of the employees by developing skills, attitude and knowledge about the organization. This helps in making the employees more competent.
HRD emphasizes on performance appraisal system through which the performance of the employees can be judged from time to time. This makes the employees more committed towards their work and motivates others to perform well.
As human resource development acts as a link between the organization and the employees, thus, it creates an environment of trust and respect.
It emphasizes on problem-solving approach, hence, HRD helps in creating an environment of acceptability towards change.
HRD focuses on team spirit within the organization which helps in creating a positive environment within the organization. This ultimately helps in increasing the productivity of the organization.
It emphasizes the participation of employees in the organization. This increases the amount of participation within the organization and they feel more and more associated with the organization if they achieve anything.
Objectives of HRD

HRD has the following objectives:

  • To recognize each and every employee within the organization on the basis of their performance, irrespective of their caste, religion, language etc.
  • To provide professional skills to the employees so that they can feel associated with the organization and give their best.
  • To provide proper training and development to the employees so that their efficiency can be increased.