Time sheet management

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  • Timesheets are used for tracking the hourly updates of an employees work. Tasks assigned can be traced as well as the hours taken by the employee to complete the said task. They are also used for time management. The data accumulated is also used for payroll, performance review, invoicing and billing. The tasks that consume maximum amount of time can be segregated from the lot efficiently. A cloud-based time-tracking system enables your team to quickly enter time wherever they are, on any device.
  • Beehive’s timesheet management application helps your organization automate your time management activities and the job of scheduling tasks with detailed timesheets. Automation helps save on cost, time and also helps increase accuracy in calculations. Our application has the functionalities to setting a tenure for a task, recording the activities according to the plan and execution, analyzing the timesheet, approving the timesheet and finally generating reports basis the accumulated data. This data can be exported to other locations in various file formats available in pour system. This data can also be studied in analytical views through charts and graphs.
  • Empower your team by letting them take ownership for the tasks assigned to them, by letting them access and monitor the time taken to complete the said task. The employees can enter the time taken by them on job and compare it with the expected deadline, this will provide the employee with a clear picture of their performance. The employee can use this data as a challenge and seek to improvise basis it, also the managers will identify the time consuming or redundant tasks more efficiently. Once the team is efficiently engaged with observing their improvement, the individual will be more liable and responsible for their performance improvement.
  • As soon as a job leaves an employee’s work station, it becomes difficult to trace the contribution and document the work of the individual on the product. With multiple people working on the same product, identifying an error also becomes very difficult. With our solution, every individual shall input their detailed contribution in the product making it easily identifiable for the concerned person. Plus since our solution is a web based application you can not only just narrow down the individual responsible for the job but also you can access this data from anywhere in the world.
  • Beehive’s timesheet application is a robust tool, permitting everybody in your organization to enter human resources projects and accomplish their tasks. As an HR project manager, you possess complete control and oversight of the assigned projects access from start to finish—plus the refreshing knowledge that things are going as planned. Successful time tracking is all about recording data in your business. In order to run any organization efficiently data management is one of the vital functions. It helps expose variability and optimize their operations for the highest quality result. The features offered by Beehive is the perfect blend of time tracking, task management, and reporting tools for managing your work, and your business.

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