Talent Management

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  • Once a prospect has been recruited by an organization, it is the duty of the HRD to nurture the right values and talent of the individual. Individual growth is the only known means to achieve organizational growth. Talent management involves hiring the right talent for the suitable position and whose skills are enhanced during the process of retention. This process includes careful analysis and workforce planning, strategic recruiting and hiring, and ongoing efforts to retain employees through career growth and development. Every individual in the hierarchy is equally responsible and contributes in the function of talent management.
  • The entire process of talent management in an organization can be divided into three elaborate steps. First being the identification of a deficit in skill in the current and planned future of the organization, this process helps optimize the recruitment process. Accurate identification of skill deficit, can assist in identifying which position to fill, by when the required position is to be occupied and who is an apt individual for the said position. Secondly, hiring the employee with skill sets that will be an addition to the current workforce of the organization. The individual should be able to contribute in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organization overall. And last is the component of growth, there shall always be scope of learning and the hunger to learn in the individual. The process of knowledge sharing should be continuous and constant. These efforts can boost retention, employee engagement, and the internal hiring potential of the entire workforce.
  • Our solution supports your organizations talent management by assisting in succession planning, recruitment, employee learning and development, performance appraisals, employee goal settings and career planning – all with the single motive of recruiting, developing and retaining the best possible employees in light of the organization’s strategic goals and priorities.
  • Our performance appraisal suite helps the companies evaluate who of their employees are achieving the said targets and outperforming the expectations. Such employees should be rewarded by means of promotions or incentives etc. The employees that are underperforming can also be traced and such liabilities should be either put under training or under observation so that none of the company’s resources are put to waste. Performance appraisal application is hence essential for every organization in the contemporary times, so that they grow in the same speed as the growth of the economy.
  • Beehive’s learning and development application is based on a predefined skill matrix for the employees, to put their competencies to test differing for different positions, grades and job roles. The intensity of training also differs basis designations of the employees
  • Beehive’s goal setting application shall aid both the managers and the employees alike. Multiple milestones can be set against a single goal with the facility to track the employee’s progress in real-time basis. The supervisors can provide for their feedback and review against the goals which will help guide the employee move towards the same direction as the vision of the organization.
  • Enhancing the employee skills is the basic purpose of talent management i.e. to establish the right people in the right position at the right time.

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