Talent acquisition

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Talent acquisition is a whole process of looking for the most suitable candidates for various job profiles. You need people with the right kind of skills to fulfill the requirements of an organization. This process can be broadly sub-categorized into 4 groups that may be enumerated as below:

  • Planning Job Openings
  • Forecasting Job Openings
  • Broadcasting Job Openings
  • Tactics adopted for sourcing and recruiting employees

Apart from these, the process of talent acquisition is also inclusive of analyzing the entire workforce and checking if there is any skill related gap or not.

This, in turn, helps the HR (Human Resource) people in your organization predict the future needs of the company in this particular regard. When they can do this they are also able to plug the gaps by using active sourcing, recruitment, or a combination of both the techniques.

Who is a specialist in talent acquisition?

A specialist in talent acquisition is someone who happens to specialize in the following activities:

  • Studying the requirement
  • Seeking out the right talent
  • Sorting out the best of the lot
  • Enrolling the best choices in the organization

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solution of Beehive is the recruitment specialist you are looking for. Not only does it smoothly conduct the operational part, it is also capable of making strategic contributions to the process of talent acquisition.

How can our HRMS Software help you?

Our talent acquisition program can help you categorize the right pool of talent and recognize them as well. This, in turn, can provide the right kind of impetus to the growth and development of your company. It does not matter what your recruitment criteria are. You may be looking to hire in bulk.

You may be looking to hire in a particular scale. You could be looking for salaried employees or professionals on a contract basis. The biggest challenge, in this case, is having to deal with several resumes and screening them. There are lots of candidates and there are plenty of interviews as well. You need to keep track of all the details of these candidates and interviews in proper order in your database. You need to do all this to be able to select the most suitable candidate. More than anything else, you need to maintain this data for future reference as well.

If you conduct all these processes manually it can become rather cumbersome indeed, to put it rather mildly. This is why it is mandatory that you automate these systems in your firm. This is especially true when you are looking to grow.

Our on-boarding application

If you have issues with your boarding and if you are looking to make the entire process a seamless our on-boarding application is what the doctor ordered for you. With the help of our solution, you will be ready even before the employees have joined.

All the important stakeholders in your organization shall get all the data that you need about the new joinees at your fingertips. Our system makes it easy to upload the employee profile as well as related documents of the new joinees in the system immediately after they are hired.

Our talent acquisition applications

Our talent acquisition applications are as efficient as any. You can easily define and configure the whole recruitment process with ease as per the policies that are followed in your organization. The processes that are normally followed in this regard may be enumerated as below:

  • Pre-screens
  • Candidate Review
  • Interview
  • Interview Assessments
  • Pre-offer Checklists
  • Offers
  • Validation of all documents

Our system makes it easy for you to add or do away with processes as per the requirement or the policies that are followed in your organization.

Our talent acquisition application also helps you identify the skills that are required in your office. At the same time it also takes care of the following:

  • Acquiring Employees
  • Training Employees
  • Managing Employees
  • Retaining Employees

In simple words, it can be said that the process of talent acquisition involves identifying the skills of an employee and using them the best way possible.

This needs to be done in such a way that both you and your employees stand to gain from the same. If you think of it without the context of recruitment talent acquisition can be described as a process where you use long term strategies to procure skilled professionals. This is inclusive of an analysis of skill and workforce requirements of an organization. This, in turn, helps you predict the future requirements of the company in that particular regard.

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