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  • Location tracking is also popularly referred to as personnel management or employee tracking. It is maintaining the records of the employees working hours and the office location information of the employees. It helps the managers monitor their employee’s productivity and also track their performance. This comes in handy to track the organizations field staff. It assists the managers to plan schedules and meetings accordingly. Also the managers know when the employees are expected to actually be in the office or other work areas.
  • Location tracking helps management run a tighter ship by keeping tabs on where employees are at any given time. Time thefts and incorrect data cannot hamper decision making anymore. The inability to track mobile workforce is now history. Our solution is directly linked to the GPS, which provides real-time information about the organizations field staff. With access to such information, managers can lead their teams better and also improvise the productivity curve drastically. You can exactly know and trace your employee whereabouts leading to effective utilization of their time on the field.
  • The scalability of the usage of this application is vast and can be used by different kinds of industries. It can be used for your field sales team or service agents, your product delivery team, or simply managing an entire team from a different location altogether. Attendance is to be marked using the mobile application. Mobile is the future, and HRMS on mobile is just a feather on the cap. It can help the managers in spotting and correcting productivity issues. It assists the HR know the employee whereabouts, making it is easier to determine what work is being accomplished and also implement any changes in the routine in case required to. It also can be used to check that the employees are safe and our easier to locate. Action can be taken in case the employee seems to have been missing over a length of time.
  • Mobile GPS tracking or location tracking works seamlessly whether your employees are using Android or IOS devices. With the smartphones becoming ubiquitous and handy necessity for everyone, you can be sure that the mobile attendance tracking software works with all of your employees. Our application hosts location tracking with the help of geo-fencing and geo-tracking.
  • Our geo tagging feature offers location based employee time and attendance tracking, all of the attendance data can be accumulated in a single source and can be retrieved effortlessly whenever required, creation of virtual boundaries that will automatically increase efficiency of the employees, since all of this data is highly secure unique login and passwords shall be provided to every individual in the organization. Having an efficient attendance management system is imperative for an organization as it increases overall productivity.
  • Geo fencing becomes super useful when you have a larger workforce with staff having to travel for work. It is mainly designed to track the field staff. Beehive’s geo-fencing application permits the super user or administrator to restrict the locations on the GPS, as to where the employee is permitted to punch in and where he is not.

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