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  • Our HRMS system is the single platform that houses all of the employee data and the analytics to go along with it. In order to increase efficiency our systems have the provision to be integrated with other systems, the data sharing functionality will not just enhance productivity but also eliminate the chances of double entry and errors. Integration of your business systems provides maximum visibility to all relevant data: HR, payroll, timekeeping, expenses, financials, etc. This interrelation shall prove to be a boon to all the decision makers in the organization, single view of data shall allow the user to make a more profound and informed decision. This will improvise the strategic planning of the organization and the advantages are multifold.
  • An HRMS system being highly specialized in catering to the needs of the HR, the data accumulated by the system can be used in other systems for higher yield. Integrations also help you generate valuable reports that provide insights based on complex data from different sources. Our solution has the provision of being integrated with a few systems that will enhance your HRMS experience and optimize your operations.
  • Integration with the ERP systems. It is rare to find an HRMS that comes with various modules of an ERP readily integrated. Integrating HRMS with ERP provides seamless integration of data amongst different departments, leading to improvised business outcomes and superior communication.
  • Integration with attendance machines. Many organizations prefer having a complex hardware device for means of monitoring employee attendance like bio-metric machines, Facial recognition technology and turnstile doors. Our solution can easily be integrated with such devices, it will not just increase the accuracy of the data but also make the entire process more transparent for the employee with the employee self-service portal wherein the employee can view all of the records on real time basis. In addition, data from these sources can be analyzed to predict better outcomes and employee management.
  • Integration with accounting and financial systems. The information of the employee recorded in the core HR of our solution includes the hours worked, absenteeism, travel and reimbursement, tax declarations etc. making payroll process 100% simpler. On integrating with a third party financial system, the data from the HRMS can directly be retrieved by the financial system. Reducing the chance of human errors caused during double entries. An error in employee compensation is deemed to be highly demotivating to the employee, this provision makes sure that your employees are always content just as the person incharge of processing payroll is.
  • As you might see, integration of our HRMS with different software programs and hardware can have several benefits. However, deciding which solution to integrate your HRMS with can be a difficult decision. This decision shall be unique based on the needs and requirements of your organization and can vary based on the size of the organization, the vertical etc. The possibilities are endless, and it really depends on how you want to optimize your existing HRMS and take it to the next level.

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