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  • In order to run any organization efficiently data management is one of the vital functions. It helps expose variability and optimize their operations for the highest quality result. Core HR involves the storage and efficient usage of the employee information by the Human resource department. Some aspects of core HR include employee personal information, employee progression tracking, benefits enrollment, and income tax withholding. The database contains personally identifiable information such as employee addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers or national identification numbers, as well as other information about the employee. Core HR facilitates the management for retrieving reports and to study the organizations analytics by providing the required data.
  • Up to date data is extremely vital for human resource department to make informed decisions, especially whilst planning for hiring needs or labor costs. Core HR also helps the human resource department process succession planning more efficiently. Having an accessible technique to store, sort through, access, and discard core HR information can improve many aspects of the organization. It helps by keeping a check that the HR is always complying with regulation and statutory laws, which saves time and energy of the HR. Hiring process will also become faster and intuitive with the information cycle.
  • Our core HR also includes the employee self-service portal. This helps improving the quality of the information multiple folds. This makes the processes of the organization more transparent and efficient. In case there is any alteration required in the data it can be processed from the employee’s end, providing the employee with a sense of authority which helps the organization in the big picture. Employees may also feel a greater sense of trust when they are allowed to access and make changes to their own information, which can improve company loyalty and overall company culture.
  • Core HR mainly houses the administrative side of the HR, which includes the information storage, employee onboarding, promotion and transfer tracking, asset tracking etc., as opposed to the strategic side of HRMS that includes Performance management, goal settings etc. The core HR forms the base of all the other offerings of the HRMS, the data is utilized by the payroll system, attendance system, performance management systems etc.
  • Core HR is highly scalable, and hence a good addition to any organization. Irrespective of the size of the organization, data analytics and reports come in handy whenever any action is to be taken. It mainly is a big switch from the redundant paperwork and physical data accumulation. Making it less prone to data loss, saves time and enhances efficiency. The concept of what is core to the HR function is evolving rapidly as major cultural shifts occur in employment. Core HR software is considered by many organizations to be pivotal in this shift as it frees up time formerly spent on time-consuming administrative duties.

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