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What Is HRMS Software?

  • Employee is the pillar that runs an organization and the HR department is solely responsible for managing the pillars efficiently. HR department is now responsible for more than just hiring the employee. Employee retention, organizations work culture, employee contentment are all the Human resource departments responsibility. In smaller organization with limited employee strength, the HRD manages all of these activities with older systems of organization like documentation, excel workbooks, tally etc. But as the organization keeps growing and the employee strength increases, managing a larger employee strength with these old techniques becomes cumbersome and chaotic leading to loss of data and also hampers organizational planning and strategies. A strong technology backing is essential in today’s times for anything to work seamlessly. This is exactly what an HRMS solution does for an HR in any organization. Let’s elaborately discuss how an HRMS helps an organization.
  • A human resource management system helps automate the entire employee life cycle right from recruitment, to retention, to retirement. Human resource management software’s act as a platform between the employees and the management and helps the organization to extract the full potential of the people associated with it. It is has proven to be extensively useful for all the organizations irrespective the size, or the vertical they are involved in.
  • Managing people can be complex, involving countless components. Similarly a human resource solution can consist of varied functionalities like recruiting, reviewing performance, maintaining task sheets, processing payroll, maintaining leave balances etc. There are many different kinds of solutions available in the market. Like desktop solutions, web solutions, cloud solutions, on-premise solutions etc. However, on cloud solutions being the most preferred and prevalent amongst the list—primarily because of its advanced features and accessibility. The next-gen solutions also have their solutions with mobile compatibility, increasing accessibility and easing the entire HR process for both the employee and the employer.

Features of HRMS:

An HRMS solution mainly helps in streamlining all the operations and processes of an organization effortlessly and with utmost efficiency. Its basic functionality involves recruitment, onboarding, training, employee skill evaluation and planning the employee’s growth with the growth of the organization. The solution also takes care of travel bookings, expense management, payroll processing, reimbursements, and tax calculations. With an automated solution the chances of errors are reduced considerably. It saves on cost and also improves the working of the organization multiple folds.

Some of the most common features found in an HRMS solution are as below:

  • One of the main features of an HRMS solution is the ease it provides in data storage. All of your employee’s information can systematically be arranged and can be retrieved whenever the need arises. Traditionally all of this data were physically filed and stored in filing cabinets. Now no more running around the storage facilities to retrieve any piece of information. An HRMS solution can maintain all of the employee’s personal and professional data in a single place making it easily accessible.
  • Having a solution in place, can help you get rid of confusing spreadsheets and errors. An elaborate system can help perform all of your HR related activities under a single roof, which includes assigning of activities, follow up on the work progress you can forget about confusing spreadsheets and email miscommunication. The system brings all HR-related operations under a single roof, which means you can assign tasks, follow up progress, or even reward participants from a single, cost-effective solution.
  • Most HR systems come with recruiting modules that help in screening potential candidates and hiring the most suitable candidate for the role. Also once the talent has been acquired, management of the same is also automated by the system. The system organically keeps track on the employees contribution and categorizes if the individual deserves a reward or is need of training.

How it works?

With the advent of technology the HRMS has also undergone some exciting and challenging changes to meet the needs of the dynamic environment of the HR digital technology. The main responsibility of the HR is managing recruitment, retention, documentation and separation. Which is now expanded to assisting in achieving the organizational goals by making effective organizational strategies. In order to ease all these activities an HRMS solution is a must have for every HRD.

  • Automation of HR activities: All of the HR activities like recruitment, attendance, leave, payroll are all interlinked, making it easy to maintain records. With absolute automation, the HR can save time used for multiple entries, also all of the activities can be monitored single handedly unlike when done manually. This also helps save time and avoid manual errors and frauds. This will aid in eliminating the stress of work and your HR team can rather focus on other key activities for business advancements.
  • Managing employees effortlessly: In the contemporary times, many organizations have a distributed workforce with the HRD located in the headquarters. In such cases it is difficult to track the location and exact productivity of the employee. This task is now super easy with Beehive’s mobile application that not just tracks the employee attendance, location but also helps track the tasks and provides the functionality to apply for different kinds of requests using their mobile device. This empowers the employee and the managers to monitor all of the activities at any time from any given location.
  • Effective payroll solution: With Beehive’s payroll solution you can manage all your payroll activities with some clicks. No more manual calculations, time consuming data entries, maintaining excel sheets etc. Beehive not just helps in easily calculating payroll but also assists in abiding by all the statutory compliances. It is designed in such a way that you can meet all regulatory requirements leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, contractor payments etc.
  • Improving accessibility and reducing paperwork: The main benefit of digitalization of processes in the reduction in the use of paper. No more running through files and paper cabinets to search for information, all the information shall be accessible within some clicks. It will also save cost wasted in the managing and storage of all of these papers.
  • Informed decision making: Our HRMS solution provides intuitive analytics and diverse reports for all the HR related activities. This helps provide a better insight of the performance and working of the organization. This aids the management in improvising processes and streamlining workflow based on the analytics improving decision making abilities.

How it Benefits the Organizations:

  • Reduced Paperwork: No more spending hours amidst filing cabinets and piles and piles of paper. All HR data right from employee recruitment, their documents to retirement or resignation is all maintained in the system.
  • Real Time & Precise Performance Assessments: With cloud HR software’s, employee activities and productivity can be minutely tracked and automatically be compared to the expected performance from the job role.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Cloud HR software’s are easily accessible through any device making it user friendly for the employees to access any information required directly from the platform, The user is always glad about the transparency and shall be completed guided as to how to make use of the company provided privileges.
  • Ease in accessibility: Cloud HR software’s can be easily accessible from any device at any given time from any location with an internet connection. Web based solution has proven to be a boon to the HRD.
  • Quicker Deployment options: Since the entire solution does not have to be deployed to the organization location, the time taken for setting up a cloud HR software is way lesser than the time taken by an enterprise solution.
  • Cost Effective: Since no cost is involved in the purchasing a device for data storage, cloud HR software’s are cheaper and hence can also be purchased by SMSEs.
  • Highly Secure: With all of the employee information on cloud, physical loss of data due to fire and theft is eliminated. Also the data is secured by encryption and unique IDs and passwords.
  • Better Decision Making: With the MIS reports and analytics, the organizations can make more informed decisions.
  • Mobile-friendly accessibility: It goes without saying, a cloud HR software is highly mobile-friendly. It is critical in today’s smartphone culture, especially among the millennials who are often targeted by recruiters. Cloud HR software that is mobile friendly helps in substantially easing out the overall process of recruitment, therefore, benefiting the organization.

Beehive’s Offerings:

Managing HR operations is easy as never before with Beehive’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software. Beehive is one of the fast emerging leaders in providing the companies with the Cloud-based and or an On-premise HRMS software that lists out a number of highly effective features to run HR functions efficiently. The software encompasses key features like Attendance, Leave, Recruitment, Travel, PMS, Payroll, Task Management, Expense, among others, which allows you to automate, streamline, and optimize HR operations for improved employee satisfaction. Based on the specific needs of our clients, we provide them with the software as individual modules and also as an integrated suite for workforce management in both the models – cloud-based and on-premise.
User-friendliness is the hallmark of our HRMS software. Further, our Software can be configured as per your company policies and rules, which can serve as your dynamic human resource management software. From recruiting to resignation and retirement, the software enhances the employment relationship for both employee and employer.

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