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Starting the day on same time daily and following the monotonous routine to reach office daily was a piece of everyone’s life before Corona entered the world. Choosing the right attire, sometimes skipping the breakfast, searching for the keys or booking cab, rushing to catch metro; all these habits are missed by almost every working person. Everything was vanished in just one day. No one at any point anticipated the lockdown. Truth be told, nobody took Covid-19 that serious as it is today. In the blink of an eye we as a whole were pushed towards new life with social distancing and work from home. Almost, everyone is following the culture. Some of them didn’t even know remote working exits.

But, learning the statistics about increase in Corona cases day by day, most ideal approach to forestall ourselves and people around us is to maintain social distancing and acknowledge it as a new normal life. It applies to our personal as well as our professional life. Hopefully, regardless of whether the vaccination will be launched in couple of months, it will take plenty of time to reach everybody. The businesses in India have already confronted enough of misfortunes. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise, your business cannot afford more pausing. Time is the biggest asset at the end! Also, your employees are the pillars of your business, their safety is most important in current circumstance.

How to monitor your employees through Indian HRMS Software Solution while they work from home?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced all industries to adopt work from home culture for their employees. The entrepreneurs are left with the biggest question; will they actually receive productive work in remote working culture?

If you are also wondering for the answer, ask yourself a couple of questions:

Are you monitoring your employees manually?
Are your employees submitting reports created by manual process?
Do you assign work on whatsapp groups or verbally?
Are you micro managing tasks in your company currently?
Are you looking for a better process for your company?

If your answer to all the above questions is ‘YES’, then your business needs a buddy. A good HRMS Software Solution works as your business buddy and helps you to automate your work processes.

Why HRMS Software Solution?

  • Remote Working tool:
    2020 is a real challenge across the globe for all industries. HRMS Software Solution is also known as remote working tool. Because of its cloud based technology, your employees just need a laptop or mobile depending on their work profile and it’s done! They will be able to use it easily through login credentials. A hassle free process isn’t it?
  • Automation and Accountability:
    Your whole method of working will change with HRMS Software Solution. Assignment of tasks, reporting mechanism, leave management, attendance management; everything will be taken care under one roof.
  • Performance Management System (PMS):
    A professional HRMS Software will have PMS module which will analyze your team’s performance on the basis of their daily activities updated in the HRMS Software.
  • Task and Timesheet Management:
    Every project comes with gigantic tasks and subtasks under them. Your team gets besieged with long check lists. Most of the time goes in coordinating with each other for one or the other information. By using HRMS Software, you will get all the information on a centralized hub. You can create, update, assign and delete all the tasks by using laptop or mobile anytime from anywhere. You can even track time spent by your team on particular task.
  • Mobile Application:
    What else do you need if your employees are able to update their tasks through their favorite device? Yes! It’s smooth and user friendly like other social media apps installed in their mobile phones.

It is a high time for businesses to comprehend the seriousness of current circumstances. The work from home trend may demonstrate productive results for your business in terms of technology evolution. Correct utilization of opportunities and capitalization of time saved during pandemic is only possible if you have a growth and adaptable mindset.



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