How to receive efficiency in return from employees as a manager along with their happiness? Online Productivity tools will help you out in HRMS Software

 The importance of employee’s job satisfaction is huge as if affects many variables in business; productivity, revenue, loyalty, attrition rate are few of them. Employee’s productivity is highly linked to his level of happiness at work. Believe or not, if you think your employees will not leave the organization even at the worst times, you are the luckiest!

A major portion of your team just waits for the salary day and they work in a monotonous way without using their additional skills to add value to the company. But those, you are the loyal ones; those will become the part of your key team members and will help you in taking crucial decisions. Their vision definitely will match your company’s mission. In order to achieve these types of team members more in your business life, you have to take certain important measures. Employee satisfaction is crucial to ensure sky-scraping revenues of the company.

The world is automating and so are businesses. Industries are moving on Cloud based systems in order to automate their work processes. HR is the only department which initiates the life cycle of an employee and stays along till the exit. It is very important to automate entire HR processes by implementing Cloud Based HRMS Solutions which are trending these days. Few sparkling features of such HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solutions will bring out maximum productivity within your employees and at the same time will boost up your relationship with the team.

  • Work from Home (WFH) Module in HRMS Software:

Remote working not only reduces organizational infrastructural costs but also gives your employee flexibility to work. Your team feels they are trusted. Since, the environment is not so safe out there, even after unlock 1.0, many businesses still consider giving WFH options to their team. While you are away and scattered, Cloud based HRMS software gives you the online Work from Home module. It enables your employees to apply for WFH option with date, reason, and tasks they are going to work on from home. It generates automated reports on the basis of number of employees working remotely and their assigned tasks. Cloud based HRMS tools are more than helpful for all type of industries around the globe.

  • Task & Timesheet Management in HRMS Software:

Being proficientto trace if your business is able to match assigned budget and whether is making or losing money on a project is one of the most crucial advantage of Timesheet management. Generally people tend to automate their Project Management process but forget about maintaining daily timesheet. Doing this manually can be a time taking task. The Online HRMS tools and their timesheet management features will make it easy for you. It brings accuracy, saves time, automates and improves the efficiency level.

            On the same track, task management in HRMS solutions behaves like a centralized hub which enables you to track ongoing progress of the project with latest updates. Since your people will work remotely, they will create, assign, update and close their tasks on those online platforms. The statistics created by task management will help you in marking the progress and analyzing the productivity of your team. Also, since the team will have more clarity on terms of number of projects, tasks, sub tasks, priorities and deadlines, they will become self-efficient and accountable in terms of deliverables. This is at the end improve overall productivity of entire team.

It doesn’t matter how many trainings or motivational sessions you keep or how many learning’s you give to your employee if the trust and freedom at work is not conveyed. A loyal team member will encourage others to work productively. For them, their company is first, everything else is after that.

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