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About NGO Sector

Non-profit organizations are run with only intent to bring happiness around & within but in a proper and legal manner. They will always be seen with limited budget and limited staff due to the nature of their work. Thus, implementing a better HRMS software may not be their high priority.

However, for past 4-5 years, HR software is seen as playing a key role considering the new governing policies which are introduced to have better understanding on their work and ethics. Non-profits have a complicated structure, with most employing some staff and many also relying on volunteers. The working style of NGO is changing rapidly by bringing in the technology to attain the goals defined by the organization and certainly HRMS software plays an important role.

Key Challenges for NGO Sector

How Beehive HRMS
Will Help NGO Sector | HRMS Software for NGO’s

What They Say

Ever since we’ve started using Beehive software for our employees, we found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for an HR solution. For an organization that aspires for a paperless office, I feel the use of Beehive will be a great advantage.
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