How HRMS Mobile App is affecting the Businesses today?

One of the most important and dynamic operational function of Management is Human Resources Management System (HRMS). A smooth functioning HRMS is imperative to gain organization employees’ trust and their loyalty towards the organization.

Since the careers and their personal lives depend on decisions made by the HR Department, employees look up to the HR department for clear and updated information.

More and more companies are making the HRMS software available remotely so that employees can access their information from anywhere. Employees are empowered to apply for leave and advances through the system and can get updates without having to run around HR personnel.

In addition to giving peace of mind to employees, HRMS frees the HR Management from having to handle repetitive tasks. Several functions of HR functions are improved and made easy by the use of Information Technology.

Right from the sourcing of candidates to interview and selection is facilitated by mobile HRMS. Online selection and sourcing of candidates is much more efficient than manual as it increases the range of availability of candidates for the organization and availability of jobs for the candidates.

HRMS helps the management in:

  • Managing payroll
    • Employers can pay employees through HRMS mobile app. Human errors are also minimized as calculations are automated. HRMS mobile app also enables employees to download pay slips, check Provident Fund details, etc. Getting salaries on time boosts employee morale directly affecting their productivity positively. Timely salaries also attract and retain best of the employees.
  • Recruitment and onboarding. Recruitment process involves:
    • Prepping the right candidate.

This is the key step to getting the right candidates to apply. If your job description is unclear about your vacancy, you end up getting applications which are nowhere near the ideal. Hence drawing up a precise job description is utmost important to avoid swimming through piles of unwanted applications.

  • Sourcing and attracting talent

This step involves communicating with the candidates. Automated responses are the best to filter out the right candidates. Polite emails automated to inform the unsuccessful candidates. This gives the organization credibility and a high esteem in the eyes of candidates even if they were not selected.

Similarly prompt responses to successful candidates ensure that eligible candidates are not lost.

  • The Interview Process

The interview process is made efficient when candidates get proper schedule for their interviews with correct written information through the app rather than verbal communications.

  • Reference check
    Online apps like LinkedIn provide reliable reference checks. Mobile apps with links to Social media profiles help in the all-important process of reference checks.
  • Onboarding

The onboarding program has to involve the right training, mentorship, information, and necessary resources, so that new hires feel welcomed. Inappropriate training will end up making the candidates feel in a job which was not what they applied.

  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information
    • Employee database is vast and contains unique information about the employees. Loss of this information will surely create unpleasant situations as careers are life of employees depend on HR databases. To avoid any loss of data automation becomes imperative. HRMS mobile applications also ensure robust and reliable employee data as and when required at the fingertips.
  • Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism
    • Employee attendance is the base for salary calculations, gauging the employees’ discipline and dedication as well as one of the parameters for performance appraisals. HRMS mobile apps store accurate information on employee attendance and absenteeism. Accurate timely data avoids unpleasant conflicts between management and the employees.
  • Performance evaluation
    • As accurate employee information along with their daily updates is available in HRMS mobile app, it becomes an invaluable objective tool for employees’ performance evaluation. In addition to the managers subjective evaluation the objective analysis provided by HRMS mobile app facilitates unbiased appraisals
  • Benefits administration
    • Since employee attendance and appraisal becomes easy with the HRMS mobile app, the benefits administration is highly efficient as it is possible to avoid bias since very little human intervention is involved.
  • Learning management
    • Employees training and learning records are maintained well by the HRMS mobile app. This is a very effective tool for assessing employee training needs which helps in designing training programs.
  • Employee self-service
    • Employees feel empowered when the HRMS mobile app gives them hands-on experience in checking our information and updates. They don’t have to wait for the appointments with HR management which involves time consumption and long waiting periods.
  • Analytics and informed decision making
    • Like any effective information technology tool, HRMS mobile app is great for analytics which supports informed decision making. HRMS is an invaluable asset as it does away with the manual process of employees’ performance and records assessment.



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