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The word “Transformation” is getting tossed around since last 5 months across the globe. The new normal amid Covid-19 has different implications for various people and organizations. Every change requires you to pre-plan and think how your decision can create value to your business and get you the expected ROI (Return on investment).

One of the most critical decision making is implementing the HRMS (Human Resource Management System).  Many of us see HR (Human Resource) as a person or a department. Many times we have no idea about the importance of HR as it involves so many core processes. From employee on-boarding to employee exit, from compensation to over-time, from travel and expenses management, HR is involved everywhere.  HRMS can add a lot to a company\’s bottom line – if you let them.

A few ways how HRMS (Human Resource Management System) can add value in unlocking the business processes:


Suppose you have a mid-sized business set-up that consists of 100 to 300 employees. By and large, your organization will at least require one employee to deal with the monthly payroll and HR activities. A study says investment done on a good HRMS Software is less than an experienced HR person\’s annual package and that too automated! By supplanting time-consuming data entry tasks with automated HR tools, you\’ll spare your organization a lot of money.

2.HRMS will replace additional HR Resources:

When it comes to automation, the first change happens to your business is it filters every additional liability. While running an organization, it’s very difficult to micro-manage and analyze if every employee is actually adding a value to the company. Implementing HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software, you will not see any need to keep additional HR people, whereas, HRMS software will be sufficient to provide you required reports and analytics.

3.Smooth work flow and implementation:

With professional HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Software, work flow becomes easier then manual HR processes without any system or tool. Entire HR process gets streamlined and organization becomes more responsible for their performances and tasks which leads to smooth workflow. Implementing HRMS software is not at all a time-consuming task like other on-premise solutions. It’s just like purchasing a binging account, always ready to start.

4.Updated Compliances and HR Policies:

India has wide range of labour laws and a professional team of HRMS software always keeps track of changing regulations. In any set of organization, complying with regulations and laws is very important. There is huge chance of human error when handling manually.

5.Complete Automation in Human Resource Management System (HRMS):

Indian HR Management typically follows a pattern to process payroll. There are mainly 3 stages in managing payroll. From Pre-Payroll activities where policies are defined, inputs/data are gathered, and then actual payroll processing takes place where the gathered data has to run to generate the net-pay of employees and finally after paying compensation, reporting and filing is taken care. These all steps are automated and followed in HRMS Software. Managing this whole cycle is managed lot more easily in a system.

6.Mobility in HR Data/Data centralization:

HR data and employee information is apparently the most delicate and significant information held by any company.

Before HRMS software were introduced, the HR data was stored and managed on papers and files which were traditional way to go about data storage. At the same time, those methods were fragmented, error-prone and time-consuming.

A professional HRMS Software provides perfect solution to all these problems and gives your business an \’A\’ level of security. Being Cloud based framework, it gives your HR Managers a flexibility to view data anywhere and from any place.

7.Tracking Employee Productivity:

This is unarguably the most important point. The objective of running any process is to know where your company stands and this starts from employees tasks and their performances. By optimizing core HR and payroll processes which will possibly happen by implementing a good HRMS Software, your employees will perform at their fullest knowing the fact that their remuneration is based on their performance reports which are automatically generated in HRMS Systems.

The best HRMS Software will include all start to end features which will streamline your whole HR;

  • PMS (Performance Management System)
  • Task Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Mobile Application
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management

Conclusion: The on-premise systems have their own challenges and limitations like data loss, lengthy implementation process, higher in cost, difficult to understand etc. Back then, Cloud based HRMS Systems were not introduced. But, now, your organization is free to choose what is best for the future of business. Pick the best one!




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