HRIS – Human Resource Information System – Explained!

HRIS is basically a human resource information system or human resource management system (HRMS) that is a perfect intersection of human resources and information technology – usually implemented via a means of software that automates the processes. Businesses take care of a number of activities related to human resources such as accounting, payroll, and leaves and similar other functions via comprehensive software. The ultimate aim is to increase efficiency and create an environment where there managers and employees make more informed decisions based on the statistics available on the software.
Taking into consideration the unique needs of each organization will be different, here are a few common tips that can help you select the right HRIS software for your business:
Picking HRIS software is quite a tricky task. It is important that you first define your requirements and understand how much scalability you would require in the future before you finalize one product.
Always remember that you must never consider only the existing workforce. Your organization will definitely have growth plans and you must select an HRIS system that can accommodate these changes. Even if you have a limited number of employees currently, in the future you may have ten times more resources and managing all those need to be accommodated by the software you select. So make sure that the software you select is flexible and scalable too.
The second thing you need to check is the functionality of the software. List out the processes that you would like to automate and then work towards selecting the software that has all those modules or features. If not as a part of the core features list, this software must have the ability to integrate add-ons and provide you with the necessary functionality. The software should be able to make additional systems work together.
The next thing to check is the learning curve for your staff. There is no point in selecting very complicated software which takes a long time to learn and is still difficult to operate. The employees using this software must be able to use it comfortably. The training requirements will definitely be there, but after that, there shouldn’t be any complications while operating the software.
Typically, HRIS software provides efficient management of all the employee information such as names, titles, address, salary, designation, appraisal history etc. It also stores company related information and all the policy documents and process documentations. It also includes emergency procedures and safety guidelines for companies. In an ideal system, the employees are also allowed to login and take a look at their information and request changes if required. HRIS software also has a complete integration with the payroll and leave management systems so that a number of processes are automated.
If you are looking for a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for your organization, contact us and we could discuss your unique requirements and device a customized solution for your organization.