How HR Software can help companies in redefining work culture

Contribution of HR software in managing new dynamics of work culture during Covid-19 pandemic.

While the world has encountered one of the biggest pandemics of all time, there have been numerous changes in business patterns born out of current remote working scenario. Work from home has now become new way of working and trending meeting platforms like google meet, zoom and Microsoft teams meeting are new office now. HR software and its technology has come a long way to support companies in managing resources remotely. Now, most of the systems have evolved and provide tip to toe solutions which ensure complete tracking mechanism while everybody words from home.

What is HR software?

HR software is a digital solution for handling and optimizing the daily HR (human resources) tasks of an organization. HR software makes it possible for HR staff and managers to better allocate their time and resources to more productive, profitable efforts.

What can HR software do while resources work from home?

HR software automates a company’s HR activities by replacing manual work load with cloud-based modules. Tasks such as assigning and updating work, creating data-driven reports, tracking on-going projects, managing documents etc are managed on cloud-based HR software. Let’s learn how HR software can help in re-defining the new work pattern;

New working rules, code of conduct and transparent communication: Each employee is responsible for their own KRA and profiles. Whether they work from work place or home, the services should be productive. HR software has features which defines flexible working policies and create transparent communications. HR software improve overall employee value proposition which maximizes the performance. Before allowing everybody to work from home there are certain factors to be taken care such as;

  • Do they have a centralized platform to work on such as cloud based HRMS? Cloud based tool will enable an employee to work from anywhere, anytime and any device.
  • Do they have proper hardware support such as laptop or phone?
  • Are there any security or privacy issues?
  • Does the nature of employee’s job allow him/her to work from home?

Tracking check-in, check-out and overtime:
Obtaining actual payable number of days, leaves, half days, pay deductions, performance assessments, etc everything depends on attendance. HR software gives you the perfect solution to mark employees attendance in a hassle-free manner. Employees just need to check in when they start their work and check out when they are done with their day’s tasks through their HRM mobile applications. HR software not only tracks the attendance bur also empowers employers to track actual productivity of each employee on the basis of which actual net salary can be determined.

New forms of Misconduct:
Some new forms of misconduct that may occur in the current WFH scenario are, employees being not reachable on the phone, pursuing other activities during working hours, demonstrating bad etiquette during video meetings, working under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc. The timesheet and tracking mechanism of HR software makes the process result oriented and makes employees more accountable and responsible for their work.

Security and confidentiality:
 In the absence of robust security measures that would be available at a physical workplace, and the increased proximity with family members in a WFH situation, it can be reasonably expected that a WFH set-up would increase the risk of confidentiality breaches. Employers need to be conscious of this, and possibly invest in suitable HR software and technology apart from putting in place policies to ensure that there is no ambiguity about the expectations from employees in ensuring confidentiality and preventing data breaches in a WFH situation.

Work from home is still an evolving model in India. With its increasing adoption, it is sure to bring to light its own unique set of legal challenges, and also softer challenges such as instilling organization culture, ensuring quality training, development of team camaraderie etc.



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