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Beehive Cloud Based HRMS Software

An extraordinary organization resembles a smoothly oiled machine. All the different parts cooperate to keep it pushing ahead, satisfying its capacity which, in case of any business sector, accelerates the revenue. One gear in the business machine that sees the most weight is the HR department and its processes. Perhaps the most ideal approach to keep this pinion running smoothly is implementing HRMS software. Furthermore, since HR department affects each other department in business, HRMS software will help all the different pieces of your organization work better too. Beehive HRMS Software offers HR programming that can help every part of your HR process to work far better than now. There are numerous advantages of executing Beehive HRMS software in your work environment, and here are five of the primary ones.

  1. HRMS software as per statutory compliances in India:

    What is statutory compliance?
    Statutory Compliances is a legal framework which a company must abide in order to be well familiar with the Indian labour laws and regulations.
    In India, statutory compliances are must if you are running a business. Irrespective of whether the business is small, medium or large, every company in India does have to comply with the set of central and state labour laws. Beehive HRMS software makes sure that your organization is well versed with the Indian Statutory Compliances. Beehive HRMS team serves more than 350 sets of businesses all over India and Beehive HRMS software is very well-equipped with all the necessary modules and features needed to automate your entire HR process.

  2. Employee Shift Rostering:/Shift Scheduling:

    The major objective of any type of investment in all businesses is the ROI (Return on Investment). Better business process, better HRMS software tools brings better communication in business which ultimately ensures your ROI on money invested. Employee scheduling (also known as rostering) seems to be simple but is actually a tedious task. Rostering feature in Beehive HRMS improves efficiency at your work place and brings accountability within your team. Following are the key features;

    1. Generate your employee’s schedule (roster) in minutes.
    2. Better resource allocation
    3. Ease of visibility to authorized persons
    4. Transparency
    5. Automated report generation Beehive HRMS Roster is a cloud based software application especially designed to assist in the complex task of organizing employee shift schedules (also known as rosters) for all type of organizations.
  3. Resource planning and allocation:

    Resource planning is a continuous process of allocating right resources for right task on the basis of ability and strengths. Beehive HRMS Software helps you to achieve optimum utilization of resources. Beehive HRMS modules allow you to lay back and analyze the automated results. Once you implement Beehive HRMS software, you are able to make better strategic decisions for your business.

  4. Employee Survey and Polls:

    Employees are considered to be the biggest assets of every organization. An employee survey is a type of questionnaire which helps an organization to capture employee review, mood and boost the morale. Employee survey task is performed by HR team. With Beehive HRMS Software, Employee survey becomes very easy and helps you to transform feedback into your business growth.  Beehive HRMS software defines goals, measures, next action plans and processes.

  5. Track of Insurances and Medical History:

    Beehive HRMS framework is well developed and designed as per actual HR process in every organization. Employee MIS (Management Information System) must have all the details about new joiners. Beehive HRMS keeps track of insurances and medical history effortlessly.

Beehive HRMS team carry an expertise on assisting in day to day HR activities. It is a Centralized HR information system with 200+ master fields. It’s a complete structure which can configure as per your HR Processes and compliances. The UX (User experience) is extremely smooth and flexible for any type of API integration with other tools. The most obvious benefit of Beehive HRMS software is that it brings productivity with the organization. Implementing this solution automates huge number of HR functions. Beehive HRMS Software subtracts the human errors and brings in efficiency. Team’s experience and strong implementation is a reason so many companies have picked Beehive for their HR processes. Beehive HRMS Software will help your business in moving a step ahead.



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