Understanding the HR Management challenges in India

HR Management challenges in India, Beehive HRMS Software Solutions

On the way to sustainable HR management- HRMS solution

HR management is an extensive function of an organization. It is lead by a group of people and managers who are well experienced in HR exercises. The fundamental responsibility of HR management is to maintain a seamless relationship between organization and employees and to take care of each task performed by employees for the organization. Performance of HR management matters a lot for an organization as it related to company’s expectations from each employee and the actual deliverables.

HR management challenges in India and the solution

Challenge 1 in HR Management: Recruitment of right talent
This is a challenge almost every organization experience as there is a demand of not only well skilled candidates but well compatible resources for a business. The primary reason for this is increasing competition in each stream and brain drain. The major challenge is not recruiting but to identify whether an employee is compatible for a set of roles and if yes than whether the employee is performing as per desired outcomes. All this can be simplified by single decision of implementing a perfect HR software which will connect all the dots.

Challenge 2 in HR Management: Extended working hours
One more classic example of a common pain point in HR for every organization. Some of them identifies it as a problem and some don’t even think that extended work hours of employees are a challenge for company’s performance. On an average India spends around 9 -11 hours everyday in working for their company. This prompts unhealthy life of employees and less productive hours which directly affects the revenue. Hence it has become a need to invest a good HR software which works as a productivity enhancer.

Challenge 3 in HR Management: Employee attrition: When an organization decides to give up on any employee it is often a decision based on employee’s performance, but when an employee decides to leave, it affects organization’s plans. Increase in attrition breaks a flow in work culture. It has become a need for organizations to ensure that employees get an opportunity which is gainful enough.

Challenge 4 in HR Management: Disproportional rewards and promotions: Exceptional work and performance must be recognized and appreciated. An employee awarded at the right time for his productive work is no different from a fruitful asset for a company. It is very common in Indian organizations when real talent is hidden and not recognized whereas others who just work for extended number of hours gets the opportunity. Only be implementing a good HR software, an organization can track productivity of their employees and maintain the equality.

Top HR software coverage areas in an organization

  • Recruitment: HR software modules makes the recruitment process highly smooth which suits your HR culture. The recruitment module can be linked to your website, any candidate applying for a job in your company can feed his/her details in the HRMS framework. You can also customize the recruitment module in HR software as per your needs and hiring requirements. You can have applicant tracking, employee MIS, DMS (Document Management System), Resume management, etc. Each step can be automated which will save your time.
  • Employee Onboarding: Employee onboarding means getting a new employee on board and beginning with the journey. HR software takes care of HR forms, policies, records, employee manual, contracts etc. HR software ensures that everything is in place.
  • Performance management: Employee performance management mechanism in HR software ensures that the goals are being met on time and employees are productive. The performance management module in Hr software has;
    • Simple user-interface (UI)
    • Cloud based technology by which your employees and managers can use the system anytime from anywhere.
    • Safe and secured
    • Pocket friendly
    • Monitor performance and progress on real-time basis
    • Access to unified employees’ performance dashboard
  • Employee grievance management: Grievance management under HR software manages issues like indiscipline dissatisfaction, discontent etc. It provided an automated solution which addresses employees queries effectively\"hr-management-challenges-in-india-beehive-hrms-software-solutions\"

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