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HR and Payroll Software

HR and Payroll works hand to hand. Though, the functions of both the fields are different but they work co-coordinately. HR and Payroll functions are connected to each other. While payroll takes care of compensation of employees, HR works on employee relations. Even though, both the departments have varied roles, but are associated to each other crucially. As an employer, it’s your prior duty to organize the functions and tasks of both the departments and even synchronize them. While integrating HR and payroll, it decreases the need of manual working, and gives room to automation in updating and providing consolidated reports.
Role of HR:
  • HR is a bridge between employees and an employer.
  • It manages people along with the organization.
  • Goal of HR is to look out the employees’ matters and resolve the issues if they have any, thus contributing to the success of the organization.
  • Their primary duty is to hire the best talent that benefits the company and attract the ideal candidate for the available profiles.
  • It is their duty to make sure that the employees they hire deliver as per the expectations of the organization.
  • Not only the work, but also the happiness of employees matters for any organization. So, HR is responsible for encouraging employees by appreciating their efforts with rewards or introducing attractive compensation packages like holiday or midyear bonus awards and salary increments.
  • HR pioneers training programs and make sure that employees follow protocols by making them aware of the organization’s goals.
Role of Payroll:
  • Payroll is a process of compensation which by which employees receives their salary.
  • Payroll functions to balance and combine payroll information with deposits and taxes report.
  • This department has a duty to take care of wage deductions, record tracking and validating the consistency of pay data.
  • Payroll department keeps record of new hires and verify present employees data.
  • They provide payroll checks and maintain compliance with tax laws.
  • Their primary role includes calculating reimbursements, bonuses, overtime, holiday pay etc.
Combined roles:
  • Many HR functions are associated to payroll activities so both the departments need to coordinate during similar functions.
  • Likewise, salary increments, recruitment of new candidates, benefits, deductions, leave structure and dismissal of employees.
  • If payroll activities are not processed on time, it directly affects HR as they are responsible for employee relations with organization.
  • Both the departments are liable to confidential employee data as well, so they to coordinate with each other and work simultaneously.

How Beehive may help you?

  • With Beehive software, you can have whole employee database at one place.
  • In HR Dashboard, employees can have a look on their day to day HR related activities. HR management can have views on employee information through graphics, pie charts or bar graphs.
  • Employees can have their favorite links on system dashboard using our Quick links tab. These are shortcuts for easy to use navigation for employees.
  • Depending on the level of designations, complete details of employees are differentiated based on different parameters like department, divisions, company level etc. This enables higher authorities to access their reports for every individual easily.
  • Beehive’s comprehensive payroll engine facilitates you with end to end payroll functionality that integrates all other associated functions as well. This reduces hard work of manual inputs and increases accuracy of results as well.
  • To constitute any kind of complex payroll calculations, our configured software helps you out with simple way.
  • Employees can even access their Pay slips with mobile apps or their ESS portals. Payroll team can also send mails to all the employees together with Pay-slips and it is secured with employee’s password.
  • Our TDS and Statutory compliance will help you out with payroll related compliances like PF, PT, LWF, Income tax or Form 16 etc.
  • Even Tax calculation becomes easy with Beehive’s software. Tax gets calculated automatically based on the given investment information which eliminates any manual calculation.